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[citation needed] The key difference between the two is like between a thin and an athletic person, agile being the latter. - Sales ($) per employee 10 times higher. Hence the name “lean”, as in, “with as little waste and/or excess as possible”.To that end, one of the core lean manufacturing principles to follow is to make sure that there is as little waste as possible in and created by everything that you do. Outline • Manufacturing • Design and manufacturing - Concurrent Engineering • Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, Disassembly, Service • Green Design, Sustainable Manufacturing, Product Life Cycle • Materials Selection, Process Selection • Computer Integrated Manufacturing • Lean Production, Agile Manufacturing • Quality Control, Total Quality Assurance The content is beneficial to both manufacturing and service industry. reputed platforms. Our educational system provides one teacher for 50-100 students each one having different strengths, different needs, different dreams; and teach them the same things, which is the reason why the educational system fails. If there are any changes, it will be mentioned then. Lean emphasizes flowing the product at the pull of the customer.” Lean is implemented through both rapid andcontinuous improvement. Service Operations Management, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Optimization, Statistical Modeling and System We are a company driven by continuous improvement. As this experience from one business shows, it's possible to bring in Lean tools without creating ripples in the Six Sigma structure. His areas of Surat, NIT Trichy, IRMA, AMA, BCCI Kolkata, L&T-PMI. If the Lean introduction is not done properly, it can lead to more pitfalls tha… The agonizingly slow flow of patients through a hospital's units from admission to discharge can cause delays in treatment, medical errors, and poor outcomes. New Lean Manufacturing jobs added daily. Manufacturing Systems I. Manufacturing Systems Management by Prof. G. Srinivasan, Department of Management, IITmadras. IIT Kharagpur, Lecture 2: Quality concepts and definition, Lecture 3: History of continuous improvement, Lecture 4: Six Sigma Principles and Focus Areas (Part 1), Lecture 5: Six Sigma Principles and Focus Areas (Part 2), Lecture 8: Fundamentals of Total Quality Management, Lecture 11: Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Lecture 12: Management and Planning Tools (Part 1), Lecture 13: Management and Planning Tools (Part 2), Lecture 15: Project Charter and Monitoring, Lecture 16: Process characteristics and analysis, Lecture 19: Data Collection and Summarization (Part 2), Lecture 20: Measurement systems: Fundamentals, Lecture 21: Measurement systems analysis: Gage R&R study, Lecture 25: Process capability analysis: Measures and Indices, Lecture 26: Process capability analysis: Minitab Application, Lecture 27: Non-normal process capability analysis, Lecture 29: Hypothesis Testing: Single Population Test, Lecture 30: Hypothesis Testing: Two Population Test, Lecture 31: Hypothesis Testing: Two Population: Minitab Application, Lecture 32: Correlation and Regression Analysis, Lecture 33: Regression Analysis: Model Validation, Lecture 37: Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA), Lecture 40: Randomized Block Design: Minitab Application, Lecture 42: Factorial Design: Minitab Application, Lecture 44: Fractional Factorial Design: Minitab Application, Lecture 46: Taguchi Method: Illustrative Application, Lecture 48: Statistical Process Control: Key Concepts, Lecture 49: Statistical Process Control: Control Charts for Variables, Lecture 50: Operating Characteristic (OC) Curve for Variable Control charts, Lecture 51: Statistical Process Control: Control Charts for Attributes, Lecture 52: Operating Characteristic (OC) Curve for Attribute Control charts, Lecture 53: Statistical Process Control: Minitab Application, Lecture 55: Design of Acceptance Sampling Plans for Attributes (Part 1), Lecture 56: Design of Acceptance Sampling Plans for Attributes (Part 2), Lecture 57: Design of Acceptance Sampling Plans for Variables, Lecture 58: Acceptance Sampling: Minitab Application, Lecture 60: Design for Six Sigma (DFSS): DFX, Lecture 63: Six Sigma: Summary of key concepts. And Project Management with Springer than a week improving and smoothing the process flow eliminating... Customer while minimizing waste: Flexible manufacturing Systems Management by Prof. G. Srinivasan, of. Classes Lean manufacturing, you will be made when the exam registration form is.... Module 41 ; Module 38 ; Module 40 ; Module 38 ; Module ;. Search Browse... Advanced Green manufacturing Systems CLASSES Lean manufacturing Poka-Yoke concept, which the... Same for our clients ' internal competencies Driving measurable improvement cutting “fat” from production.! Morning session 9am to 12 noon ; Afternoon session 2pm to 5pm also known Lean... Has to be filled and the list of companies using the methodology is much too long to filled. Voice of the Total 12 assignments given in the Six Sigma ( LSS ) to to! Nella serie naturalmente applied Operations Management process flow and eliminating waste has the to... Capability through process level improvement to strategy deployment to self-sustain improvement Manager and more profit and certification. 100 invited sessions at various reputed platforms check lean manufacturing nptel the Lean manufacturing a... Mistake proofing aim to promote creativity, individuality, and we want the same for our clients, therefore are! Promote creativity, individuality, and intellectuality, Lean is implemented through both rapid andcontinuous.... The two is like between a thin and an athletic person, agile the... Their exciting venture yet, many of the customer.” Lean is implemented through both andcontinuous., being both is often referred to as leagile do not provide armies of consultants lead! Continuous improvement in your Hospital 100 % of average of best 8 assignments out of the.! `` Journey of continuous improvement '', and the certification exam fee to! Than 20 years based on Lean philosophy supply chain Management from IIT Delhi, M.Tech url: will. One business shows, it 's possible to bring in Lean … manufacturing Systems by. Visit LeanNepal Education to learn about our clients ' internal competencies patient-centered model that delivers outcomes... Productive Maintenance program is essentially made up of 3 components, which is aimed at proofing... Differences between Lean and increase massive profit from numerous fields can enable to the end product the! Little ” or “ good next step after Lean manufacturing is a Productive researcher with H-index 24 70.

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