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Tariffs on face masks, for example, can be as high as 55 percent in some countries. Texas Ship your product with Flexport Request a quote. A single entry point for WTO information on trade policy measures covering both tariff and non-tariff measures affecting trade in goods as well as information on trade in services. The WTO Data portal contains statistical indicators related to WTO issues. The change also reflects Vietnam’s efforts to continuously upgrade its textile and apparel industry and strengthen the local textile production capacity are paying off. 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Sophisticated detailed and interactive tariff analysis, RTA database PC-TAS: Five-year time series of international trade statistics available on CD-ROM in HS or SITC classification. These include: disinfectants/ sterilization products; face masks; gloves; hand soap and sanitizer; patient monitors and pulse oximeters; protective spectacles and visors; sterilizers; syringes; thermometers; ultrasonic scanning apparatus; ventilators, oxygen masks; X-ray equipment; and other devices such as computer tomography apparatus. By transforming the large volume of primary trade data into an accessible, user-friendly, web-based format, Trade Map provides indicators on export performance, international demand, alternative markets and the role of competitors. FASH455 Global Apparel & Textile Trade and Sourcing, Copyright© 2012-2020 Dr. Sheng Lu, Associate Professor, Department of Fashion & Apparel Studies, University of Delaware. Just-Style. China overtook the United States as the world’s largest trading nation in 2013, when China’s export value of goods hit a record high of roughly two trillion U.S. dollars. ( Log Out /  China is exporting less apparel and more textiles to the world. Fourth, associated with the shifting pattern of world apparel production, the world textile import is increasingly driven by apparel-exporting countries in the developing world. back to top Tools. If so, please contact webmaster@wto.org giving details of the operating system and web browser you are using. Providing reliable power and... By U.S. Coast Guard News Instead, several emerging economies are becoming fast-growing apparel consumption markets and starting to import more. Monthly and quarterly trade data is also available at the tariff line level for around 110 countries, and annually for an additional 50. 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Five ways world textile and apparel trade is changing. The International Trade Statistics Yearbook: Volume I – Trade by Country and Volume II – Trade by Product provide an overview of the latest trends of trade in goods and services showing country and product profiles of international trade, respectively. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This means that moving one person to the vessel and sending one person home now costs (on average) about $4,000. Notably, 2019 marks the first time that Vietnam emerged to become one of the world’s top three largest importers of textiles, primarily due to its expanded apparel production and heavy dependence on imported textile raw materials.