what is the tc number on a walmart receipt

Matt Krieg has the greatest fan-base amongst the readers of this website, but it seems most readers have developed some sort of connection with every manager. % of people told us that this article helped them. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 24,954 times. It has a lot of options for getting log entries; you can even log your Usenet HTML posts, if you really wanted to. It used to be that there was standard, basic info at the top, but around July of 98 they added more data there. To enter your Walmart receipt codes, you can scan the barcode or type in the 20 numbers found directly above the bar code (the TC number). It looks like the max length is around 13 characters, and sometimes it seems lazy stockpeople abbreviate product names to avoid typing too much. Why didn't it work? Quite a few WalMart employees have found this site (including one from store 1627, where I do the most shopping), but I haven't been contacted directly by anyone on behalf of the corporation yet. How do you read these receipts? I bet you didn't know how complex this was! Which is it? I have a log script running as well; that's how I know who is linking to me, how I know which of the 130+ receipts have user comments, etc. TE# = terminal number; which aisle you were on. With their new Savings Catcher Program, they are willing to accept the consequences in order to get your business. Generally, it's just called the "Moorhead store" by commoners, since you drive through Moorhead to get there and barely set foot into Dilworth. Either way, some trunctuated names turn out humourous. Having a lot of something which serves minimal purpose, and then giving those things purpose. The store number is necessary as well, and it appears directly above the item listing. Turning left is a bad idea most of the time. I think you skipped the start of the FAQ, because I already answered this. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. I'm not going to say anything about my reasons anymore. For instance: It's also a good opportunity to get out and about. Where are the 5/02-11/02 receipts?I had fallen behind on my own archives when the site was pulled, which is why the Archive Site only goes up to April 2002. The rest of us think this site is fun, and we welcome your opinion, good or bad. The comment system is there to be anonymous, free-form, and abstract. No kidding. Learn more... Walmart is beginning to realize that their prices may not beat those of some competitors. The TC#, at least how it was explained to me by a kindly WalMart employee, is a company-wide transaction number. However, to get them to work to find you better prices so you can shop again with a coupon in hand, you need to enter the receipts first off. The last line is always the date & time of the purchases. Their weeks start on a Monday and end on the following Sunday. Plus, some stores put a lot of credit card information on their receipts, the receipts are poor quality (fade fast, etc. The survey application requires an ID number, which is available in the invitation at the top of the receipt. Although Walmart's Savings Catcher is good at finding lower prices than theirs, if all the products on your list tend to be just Walmart-brand (Great Value) items, there's no point, as no other stores will carry their brands. In the works, but not up-and-running, is a search CGI so you can enter in a shopping item, and get back a list of receipts which include that item. Most receipts are for the purchase of diapers and baby wipes, so there's really nothing interesting. The WalMart apparently created a new commerce center, about 2 miles down the road from the Mall. Plus, it's something to play with, practice my CGI, javascript, & HTML talents on. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. One of the reasons I dislike this WalMart is that it is set up in mirror image to the Dilworth WalMart. My wife has hinted we should start a new one, but I'm not so interested right now. different 'region' than the Fargo store, so sometimes if the Fargo store is out of something and then you drive to the Dilworth store, they won't even carry that item.

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