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I'm addicted to all things Nordic, good coffee (sometimes also bad coffee), and beautiful architecture. None of the universities in Greater Copenhagen operates like this, unfortunately. Ha is an avid traveler and writer with a background in marketing & hospitality. Feel free to explore more, though! Perhaps you are frustrated and feel hopeless. Have we left any questions unanswered? May be I can contact you via facebook? Contact Language. These websites are in Danish but you can use Google and give them a try: Being an active member of a Facebook group is one of the best ways to find rental apartments in Copenhagen. I was browsing one of many portals when I found an interesting listing. Of course, it’s not a 100 percent guarantee that you will find housing but it might be a way to get luckier. Below are some websites that you can find apartments in Copenhagen. How to find housing in Copenhagen. If you are new to the city. Although there are several different options when it comes to housing in Copenhagen, the market is fiercely competitive and finding a place can often be tricky. Anyway, thanks for this article! If you are lucky and you know somebody, it might only take you a week. So you can find student residence in Copenhagen here - we have listed rental housing, cooperative housing, as parents, student housing, student housing, dormitories, apartments from both public and private landlords. Find available apartments for rent in Copenhagen. Instead, sign up for public housing (social housing) in Copenhagen or, better even, in the suburbs. I was reimbursed for 2 weeks which I thought was fair enough (after all I HAD agreed to the terms accidentally), but the whole process made me pretty angry. Also, listed below are useful websites to look for rooms and apartments for rent in Denmark Consult your host institution And this is what we ultimately ended up with: During our search, we continually adjusted our expectations and finally had to settle for something way above our original budget. Finally, you are so glad that you won’t be homeless once you move to Denmark. Yes, you will pay a month’s rent for nothing, but at least you’ll have the security of a roof above your head upon arrival. Find Housing First, visit the website of your host institution and follow any recommendations you find here in terms of student housing. Or random expat groups? Since it can be extremely difficult to find accommodation in Copenhagen, foreign students are strongly advised to make own arrangements concerning accommodation before leaving for Denmark. Welcome to Denmark . Therefore, I decided to find a place by myself. Homepage. Being an active member of a Facebook group is one of the best ways to... 3. Keep in mind that to... 2. Finding a place to live. Finding on websites. Finding rental apartments in Copenhagen Denmark has never been a piece of cake as there isn’t a huge amount of housing available on the rental market. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to find housing for all students due to the shortage of housing in the greater Copenhagen area. Most of the Danish landlord preferred students who came from the US, Europe, or English spoken countries, while I was surely not. Can I also sign up as a PhD student? Housing . NemID validation. If you find your mail box overflowing with junk mail, you can order some, You might also want to consider getting a. For example, if you’re planning to move in August, you could consider listings with move-in dates in July. Naturally, I didn’t see a single listing on this particular portal in the 3 weeks I was signed up for. I still remembered how frustrating it was that time since I lived in Japan and had no friends in Denmark, or particularly in Copenhagen. Housing in Copenhagen is very difficult to find and can be expensive. Also what is Findbolig exactly and how does it work? Some only rent to students. All listings in one place. Find housing. That means that for whichever payments you make in DKK, When you move into your apartment, you will do an, Make sure that your name is on the post box and on the door as soon as possible, or mail may not be delivered to your address. Have a property … Endless websites and guides telling you where to find accommodation as if it were no big deal. The first cost we incurred were portal subscriptions. Once or twice a day, instead I received mails of sponsored rented houses. Don’t rent long-term apartments without CPR registration. Your email address will not be published. Because of expats arriving at the start of the calendar and school year, it's especially hard to find accommodation in January or September. While it is difficult basically all year round, it is especially tough in the summer months (August and September) when university programs start and Danish students, as well as students from all over world, are trying to find a place to live. How to find rental apartments in Copenhagen Denmark. Finding housing. It took dozens of e-mails and 2 weeks before I saw any of that money again. The Foundation’s purpose is to provide students from abroad with flexible and competitive housing opportunities for the time they study at The University of Copenhagen. & Doesn’t offer anything the others don’t. Copenhagen has many Kollegiums (student housing), these are managed residences for international or national students across the city. Competitive prices. What I did was that I tried to check those groups a few times a day to make sure I did not miss any deal. The best place to search for apartments and houses in Copenhagen is online. If you’re coming from abroad they will most likely grant you additional, However, it’s not enough just to send an application to CIU and RIU. Following this article (that is really great!) We agreed because it was in an ideal location and, to be honest, we were getting desperate. Always make sure to double check your rental contract as you may be required to move out a week before the end of your lease to allow time for renovations. Your email address will not be published. Easy rent out. KEA Housing International Accommodation Office AAU Copenhagen If they cannot help, you can apply for a room or a small flat in a student residence. Really appreciate it … . Below we have compiled a small list of recommended groups. The CBS housing department has access to eight student residences or dorms (please see list under "Student Residences"). It requires a lot of effort and dedication, especially luck! Obviously, this is not a complete list and you may still need to employ Google Translate, but it’s a start! Here you will find our large selection of apartments. According to the Global Liveability Index, education and infrastructure are parameters where Denmark’s capital stand out as excellent. Because it was so difficult, we have decided to write this guide on how to find an apartment in Copenhagen. This website is only for students who have parents with companies, and they have to be contacted from the beginning. Therefore, you should make sure that you can register the CPR number with your rental room. Facebook – a good place to start. National ID copy (plus possibly residence permit), Possibly work contract or bank statement (some landlords require financial stability), Get started on your search for an electricity provider on. Airbnb, hostels) and find something then. KP strives to find accommodation for as many incoming students as possible. If you’re are a university student or an exchange student in Copenhagen, you can join the housing group.

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