shards of alara symbol

I love them. Great work. The originals are a little haphazard and jagged, similar to yours. s.Shards of Alara is an expansion set in the Alara block. They become closer to an actual official seal, one that anyone could recreate without specific reference material. Feel free to use them, change them. It was after symbol watermarks were introduced in Ravnica (for non-promos), so they had the tech. Each shard has its own keyword mechanic or strong overarching theme, and its own creature types. Cultures and civilizations have their own defined design aesthetics, whether it be the guilds of Ravnica, the Kahns, or even the provinces and townships of Innistrad. Selesnya's consists of the sun and a tree, dimir's a bug with an eye. Awesome job! I'm going to work on reducing these down further. edit(2): simplified Jund, Grixis, and to lesser degrees Bant and Naya. They are all angled to fit (nearly) and form all of Alara. Mechanically, each shard consists of one of the five magic colors and its two allied colors. Esper: Fancy thing (It's an Etherium Filigree). It was certainly an emphasis that the shards were distinct, so much so that the Shards of Alara prerelease had special rules, much like Commander color identity, where you had to pick your shard and you were exclusively that shard. I feel like the new Naya isn't really representing Naya that much anymore - feels too hard-edged to be the jungle nature style place Naya is. Initial sets of a block were now 249 c… I'm working on a more detailed Jund symbol right now. Hydra + mesoamerican styling, both of which were pretty Naya. (I was one of the people who left constructive criticism, and this fixed all the little concerns I had.). Bant: Based off of Sigil of the Empty Throne and the Sunburst seen on the Sigils found on many cards. That fire, also the shape of the Jund Obelisk. I looked to the changes from the Ravnica guild symbols from the first set to the second set, and leaned toward each being more refined and symmetrical. It just feels Gruul, without embracing the sun so many of the cards reference. It's hard to create a clean shape to represent a world that's so chaotic. Although I see the primeval aspect of Jund with the unclean jagged contures, they seem too unfocused on portraying a certain idea, even with the author's idea present in the description. Will upload as soon as I finish it. After evaluating the set sizes, Wizards of the Coast decided that card sets would be smaller than they had traditionally been. Compare the Ravnica guild symbol redesigns, specifically Rakdos, Gruul, and Izzet. I may work on some of them later. Here are my simplified versions of my previous Alara Shard symbols. Giving all the symbols that slice-of-pie shape makes them a bit too similar to one another, and the shapes themselves seem too abstract (even the hydra one). The modern symbols are much closer to icons: they're recognizable, use simple shapes, are easy to replicate, and can be adapted for reuse on a variety of objects (flags, armor, weapons, etc.). That's where I'm trying to move to. Agree 100%. My guess is that it was more of a technical thing. Preconstructed theme decks. Could Esper be a touch less busy? Grixis and Jund are looking great, a lot cleaner. My only critique is that the symbols seem a bit too complex as well as too similar to each other. It looks good but I am not quite sure what is "Naya" about it, though that is likely just because my lack of knowledge. ... Ok I might get a variant of that Grixis one as a tattoo. The smooth pointed intertwined style is meant to reference the tribal art style of the shard. I moved toward basic sharps of differnet kinds with in each shard to help dilineate each one but keep the shap simple. Still looking great. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Alara Shards Color 1Alara Shards Color 2Alara Shards B&W 1Alara Shards B&W 2, Here are my simplified versions of my previous Alara Shard symbols. The reason I favor this type of design is because it's much easier to make things dirtier if they start out clean. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. -- If you reduced the cragginess of the Mountain profile and lost the Jund Obelisk, you could get away with the negative space inside the dragon's mouth becoming a flame! These ones look really good. MaRo has said numerous times that there were no icons because the point of Alara Reborn was to mix the shards up. All Things Are Gold "Gold" multicolor refers to cards that have two or more colors and gold frames, as opposed to hybrid or mono-colored cards, and Shards of Alara had many. Join us discussing news, tournaments, gameplay, deckbuilding, strategy, lore, fan art, cosplay, and more. Perhaps we could identify the first things that come to mind when we think of a shard and use that to make the symbols? I like the Esper, Bant, and Naya ones the best. A diverse community of players devoted to Magic: the Gathering, a trading card game ("TCG") produced by Wizards of the Coast and originally designed by Richard Garfield. Lot of good criticism and points. Yes, a bit weird, but that's what they did.). The Shards of Alara set was five wildly unique worlds in one that planeswalkers were able to freely travel to and from. Well done! I feel like the Esper symbol isn't regular enough, though. The others flow nicely, jund and grixis seem a bit too random, should find some way to bring out the chaos or savagery without making it ragged edges. Grixis: Deathy thing (Okay, it's Malfegor's Horns + a flow of Vis, but new players will just see the skull in the negative space). SO GOOD. The center is messier than the outside to illustrate the breaking of the plane/the maelstrom. Gotta give my honest feedback, I don't think these look very good. Conversely, I feel like Esper ought to be busier. On the other hand, etherium has a lot of curves and fluid shapes. Can someone proficient with photoshop edit the first image, so its just the Naya and Jund symbols together? Shards of Alara; The Tokens of Shards of Alara (ALA)The Magic: the Gathering (MTG) set Shards of Alara (ALA) was released on Oct 3rd, 2008. I would like to refine these further, you can see I'm already doing that. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Jund: A volcano, with primal sharp edges. (So no four- or five-color decks, and no making mana outside your chosen color identity. However, the redesigns made them cleaner and more symmetrical. My only beef is that Jund's has a few too many greebles. The last batch was interesting, but way too busy. There was a lot of grood constructive criticism. Everything else looks great, I just wanted to come in and quibble with my fave colors. PNGFuel is an open platform for users to share cutout PNGs, all PNGs in PNGFuel are for Non-Commercial use, no attribution required.If you are the author and find this PNG is shared without your permisson, DMCA report please Contact Us. I like the new Naya, but the previous one was my favorite of the whole lot. That's just my two cents, though. Press J to jump to the feed. It would be easier to remember and recognize if the symbols consist of simpler shapes. Anyway, I don't want to be just negative, so hopefully you can find some part of my critique constructive. In a previous post I asked for ideas.

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