reactor for ethylene oxide production

[106] It relies on the use of a flexible sterilization chamber and an EtO cartridge for small volume sterilization, and where environmental and/or portability considerations dictate the use of a low dose. Ethylene oxide is used as an accelerator of maturation of tobacco leaves and fungicide. [52] Contrary to the isomerization, initiation of the chain occurs mainly as follows:[52]. Boiler feed water (bfw) enters through several entry nozzles disposed around the circumference of the reactor to assure uniform flow across the tubes. A 2003 study of 7,576 women exposed while at work in commercial sterilization facilities in the US suggests ethylene oxide is associated with breast cancer incidence. Privacy Policy. example, from about 30 to about 45% is obtained therein. Mar. At these temperatures, it is important to cool the gases promptly to minimize the loss of ethylene oxide by isomerization to acetaldehyde and, particularly as the temperature increases, to avoid burning of the hydrocarbons to carbon oxides and water. CO2 de-scrubber - The above potassium carbonate solution is then sent to the CO2 de-scrubber where CO2 is de-scrubbed by stepwise (usually two steps) flashing. The combined gases enter the many catalyst-containing tubes represented by tube 12, which are oriented vertically and, being surrounded by a shell, are similar to a shell and tube heat exchanger. Epichlorohydrin based product and method for manufacturing this product. It is therefore referred to as the "flexible chamber sterilization" method, or the "gas diffusion sterilization" method. These conditions are obtained by control of one or more operating conditions, such as temperature, pressure, contact time, etc. Unmatched installation flexibility plus cost and performance benefits, ready for fast, accurate and responsive measurements in combustion and process control. The reaction mixture comprising ethylene oxide, un converted ethylene, molecular oxygen, nitrogen, oxides of carbon, etc, are taken from reactor 11 through valved line 16. Other products of ethylene oxide. Thus, the distribution zone serves to divide the boiler feed water into multiple water streams, one for each tube, which flow vertically in the cooling zone and cool the effluent gases. The NFPA rating is NFPA 704. Our experienced team can help you find the customizable solution that’s perfect for your process. The main advantage of the process is production of pure ethylene glycol without the need for further purification. Here, the chemisorbed chlorine hinders dissociative chemisorption of atomic oxygen. The external diameter of the tube is 38.1 mm and the diameter of the opening is about 38.9 mm, leaving an opening sufficient to provide the nearly uniform distribution of boiler feed water which is desired. The composiiton of the charge entering reactor 11 through line 16 may vary within the scope of the invention. 3240879, 3-9-78). [90] Dow METEOR (Most Effective Technology for Ethylene Oxide Reactions) is an integrated technology for producing ethylene oxide and its subsequent hydrolysis into ethylene glycol. The DF-745 SGMax is designed for the measurement of diverse gas mixtures in specialty gas blending applications. [68][69] A proprietary variation of this method is used by Japan Catalytic Chemical Co., which adapted synthesis of both ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol in a single industrial complex. In addition, the heat removed must be usefully employed if the most efficient operation is to be obtained. and more specific reactions are described below. The absence of any substantial amount of ethylene oxide in material vented from the system (line 24) is, therefore, assured with a minimum total absorbate requirereactor (11). They are used in the manufacture of detergents, surfactants, emulsifiers and dispersants. Efiluence from the reaction zone will contain, in addition to ethylene oxide, a large volume of normally gaseous materials such as unconverted ethylene, oxides of carbon, inert gas, such as nitrogen, parafiinic hydrocarbons, etc. Ethylene oxide is used as an accelerator of maturation of tobacco leaves and fungicide. Ethylene oxide is important to the production of detergents, thickeners, solvents, plastics, and various organic chemicals such as ethylene glycol, ethanolamines, simple and complex glycols, polyglycol ethers and other compounds. They result in a gas mixture containing acetaldehyde, ethane, ethyl, methane, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, ketene and formaldehyde. The high-specification OxyExact 2200 O2 analyzer offers an unrivaled combination of precision, flexibility and performance for optimum process and safety control. A part or all the lean absorbate passing through line '33 may be by-passed through line 35 into valved line 23 leading into the upper part of column 18. 2, COMPRESSOR 27 LRECYCLE IO ETHYLENE SECOND ABSORBER\ |8 ETHYLENE 28 H o STRIPPING VENT M 3I C9LUMN INTERMEDlATE 24 ABSORBER\ 23 Ho SECOND REACTOR PRIMARY REACTOR FIG. The gases pass down through the section of each tube 12b, which contains the catalyst, typically a supported silver catalyst of the type well-known in the art. Without packing, the effluent gases would slow down and the tube-side heat transfer coefficient would be reduced by about 80-90° %, thereby drastically reducing cooling of the reaction gases. (QB. The gases are brought to near the reaction temperature, typically in the range of 200 to 240° C. The preheat section is not required by the invention and the function may be provided by an external heat exchanger. Remember Me At least a part of the stream flowing through line 25 may be passed directly into line 29 if desired. The selectivity and speed of dimerization can be increased by adding a catalyst, such as platinum, platinum-palladium, or iodine with sulfolane. [44], In absence of a catalyst, the thermal isomerization of ethylene oxide is never selective and apart from acetaldehyde yields significant amount of by-products (see section Thermal decomposition). To a recycle stream (ltl) emanating from the absorber (18) as described herein, there is added make-up air and ethylene from an outside source to result in a normally gaseous reactor charge consisting essentially of 3% ethylene and 9.5% oxygen (introduced as air), by volume; the rest of the reactor charge consisted essentially of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and a minor amount of normally gaseous hydrocarbons other than ethylene. Ideally, each tube should be cooled equally by a stream of cooling fluid having the same temperature. [24] The maximum content of ethylene oxide in the air according to the US standards (ACGIH) is 1.8 mg/m3 (0.00079 gr/cu ft). In this process, 1,2-dichloroethane, vinyl chloride are used as inhibitors so as to prevent further oxidation of ethylene oxide to CO2 and H2O. [72] The process temperature was optimized as 220–280 °C (430–540 °F). : Process Side Volume, per reactor: 1511 ft3 Internal baffles 16 and 18 divide the lower portion of the shell side into the distribution and cooling zones. [59], With a high yield (90%) ethylene oxide can be produced by treating calcium oxide with ethyl hypochlorite; substituting calcium by other alkaline earth metals reduces the reaction yield:[60], Ethylene can be directly oxidized into ethylene oxide using peroxy acids, for example, peroxybenzoic or meta-chloro-peroxybenzoic acid:[61], Oxidation by peroxy acids is efficient for higher alkenes, but not for ethylene. Uniform distribution of the coolant provides substantially equal cooling of the effluent gases in each tube, thus minimizing the variation in effluent gas temperature among the tubes. Find out more about our solutions for ethylene oxide production and related processes. Similarly proceed the reactions with primary and secondary amines: Dialkylamino ethanols can further react with ethylene oxide, forming amino polyethylene glycols:[17], Trimethylamine reacts with ethylene oxide in the presence of water, forming choline:[34].

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