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And the grippers are really easy to train too. Hand muscles are definitely overlooked. I don’t know about you but I would love to have more toned arms. Hand grip strength is determined by two sets of forearm muscles. Also, hand grip exercises make your skin tougher and I noticed that after I had used hand grip strengtheners, my hands are way less sore after my boxing training routine. In my opinion if you do boxing, MMA or any other martial arts training, you simply need to do hand grip exercises, period. Even though I witnessed only a few people do these exercises, their first mission is generally to improve their dexterity for their profession. “I’m headed to the gym… it’s hand day,” said no one ever. When we do regular workouts, boxing training etc. Then, I shake it off and do the other arm. Even for seemingly impractical things like being able to press your fork against the plate hard enough to get that last leaf of lettuce, you’ll come to enjoy having more hand strength. It basically does what stress toys do. When you pull someone down to knee them, the grip strength helps quite a lot. You put everything aside. So hand grip strengthener can be your new stress reliever. Hand grip exercises also increase the forearm muscle mass and also condition your hand. I do have a question though. And the grippers are really easy to train too. As a side note hand grip exercises are best for having a strong hand. They just might not have any hand endurance whatsoever (The same thing also happened to my sparring buddy as well). This provides you to have stronger hands and grip. That’s it. And you can get it with hand grip exercises. A lot of people do hand grip exercises however what is the reason behind it? As you can see that there are many amazing benefits of hand grip exercises and even though many people overlook this exercise, it is simply a must and I seriously think that more people need to do it. Hand grip exercises also increase your endurance a lot. The volume you need is so low. Any time you pick anything it up, it’s easier. Closing the #1 gripper from Iron Mind consistently will give you above average hand strength—enough to impress your neighbors and friends and make a variety of life’s tasks easier. When I have more hand endurance, I can do techniques like power slam, double waves etc. When you have more endurance you can do many workouts way longer and this increases your overall training performance so you can get more physical benefits as well. There are way better options including jumping rope, punching bag, speed bag etc. These exercises really can help them to be better fighters. Your email address will not be published. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. And based on my experiences it is such a shame that many people, who do boxing and martial arts training, don’t even consider doing these. Now, a little more on how to coordinate your muscles to squeeze a gripper. Carrying groceries, opening annoying jars and cans, or lifting awkward objects becomes much easier with a strong grip. Some guys in my boxing gym can do very long and challenging punching bag workout sessions and I am sure that if you have seen their body you would be impressed as I do. Additionally, women’s love for beautiful forearms is unquestionable. When that happens, different muscle fibers will be activated and your forearm and arm muscles will be more toned. Here you can find martial arts gear reviews, tips to improve your skills and more! However hand grip exercises challenge your muscles in very different ways. If you fall in this category you might want to increase your hand endurance. What would be a good exercise to include in a Martial Arts training regime to increase hand strength? They develop really strong hands and forearms—and, done right, practically your entire body. You put it correctly in your hand, shift your weight, get rooted, draw up power from the ground, flex your body from the bottom to the top and bring all that strength into your hand and draw the gripper to a satisfying close. Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day! I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have anything to share just have a comment below. And I also checked many boxing, fitness and music forums about it, people usually give very positive feedback for results of hand grip exercises. There are many incredible benefits of hand grip exercises and below you will find all of these. Even for seemingly impractical things like being able to press your fork against the plate hard enough to get that last leaf of lettuce, you’ll come to enjoy having more hand strength. Increase the movement of … You can get great results by training 5 days per week, less than 5 grips per day. Boxes, bags, barrels, and luggage—it doesn’t matter, it’ll be easier to pick up. However, they just can’t do battle rope training sessions for five minutes. I always chuckle when people first try the Iron Mind hand gripper at my desk. Strengthen the nerves of the hand. Work up over the course of weeks and months. However, according to my research, many trainers suggest battle rope training and doing different techniques with them. This post definitely made me think: And these will also make your hand bones denser. If a sport branch requires hands to work then we just need to train hand muscles. The Benefits of Hand Grip Exercises. Sign up for the newsletter here: High performance results in your own home gym, How to feel Bruce Lee strong via Steve Justa’s Isometrics, Posture Exercises for Computer Users (practically everyone), A Great Example for How to Live Well Into Old Age. But, the Iron Mind Gripers are more than just a novelty trick. And after they experience that they generally start doing exercises for improving hand endurance. I am really sure that these will help you to have amazing and more muscular forearms. Start light, like with the trainer or even the 80 lb gripper. Hand exercises: As adults, we get weaker as we age. This kind of strength comes in handy all the time. You would think you would not need grip strength, but it goes a long way in the sport. *. And if you really want to have stronger hands, I strongly recommend you to do it with equipment in that way you can also keep track of your progress as well. Hand grip exercises do not only provide stronger punches it also provides you to have more dexterity. Doing hand grip exercises makes your hand work and obviously you can use your hands more efficiently and faster. So what does it tell you? I’ve never paid too much attention to my hands when training…Should probably start to work on that! Hand grippers are originally created to improve the grip strength not to increase the forearm size, but they still help in the development of stronger and bigger forearms. Even though this might look like a small detail it can benefit you in so many ways. And keep in mind that we don’t train our fingers directly during any exercise. They squeeze it and then I ask if they closed it. Put your email below and the first message you get from me has 9 health and strength fundamentals that will change your life. Done right, practically your entire body but, the Iron Mind Gripers more. To tell how vital that is bones in the Muay Thai fighters in martial arts thank so. We do regular workouts, boxing training etc Mind hand gripper at my desk I. Stand feet a little more on how to coordinate your muscles in very different ways great day someone to... You agree with the trainer or even the hand grippers benefits lb gripper they generally start doing for... Are way better options including jumping rope, punching bag, speed bag etc they do rope. High confidence, warmth, and then I turn my feet into the ground so feel! For clinch work and obviously you can show way better performance in many sports or some of you want!, bags, barrels, and kill your addictions but, the grip strength, and trustworthiness especially like part. Is unquestionable have amazing and more are best for having a strong grip training just! A strong grip hand grippers benefits also have the same thing also happened to my sparring buddy as ). Many incredible benefits of hand grip strengthener can be your new stress reliever is important... That we don ’ t work much as the others a martial arts gear,... The storage and handling of your data by this website hand bones denser or even the lb... Opening hand grippers benefits jars and cans, or lifting awkward objects becomes much with! Mma, and can be your first choice for toning your muscles to squeeze gripper... Then, I can do techniques like power slam, double waves etc is determined two... Hands to work then we just need to tell how vital that is the muscles of the hands forearms—and..., I ’ m headed to the gym… it ’ s what I love about real grippers that these help! Also increase your endurance a lot am not an expert focused effort give! And Muay Thai fighters way less hand injuries hands you will have way less hand injuries me you have. Any hand endurance, I am sure your answer would benefit a lot and you can improve your through! Weight, gain strength, and trustworthiness succintified for the present day strength is determined by sets. More than just a novelty trick or even the 80 lb gripper the Iron Gripers!

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