plusnet mobile review

Roam Like at Home is included in some Plusnet Mobile plans, allowing customers to use their minutes, data and texts in EU countries at no extra cost. give you a full breakdown of how its customers rated it for key factors, including customer service, value for money and incentives. Read Plusnet's full FAQs on how Mates Rates works here. As a SIM-only provider, its target audience is people who already own a handset, or have bought a new one in advance. Plusnet Mobile are one of the few operators who have always allowed this anyway, via their Smart Cap system, which lets you set a limit in steps of £1 between £0 and £30 on extras that you're willing to spend. In the UK, Plusnet Mobile is the low-cost sub-brand of BT and EE. Our rigorous tests find the facts, and our impartial reviews tell you the truth about how products perform. One increasingly popular way that mobile networks are attracting new customers is by offering free subscriptions to certain entertainment services. Although every other provider does not offer this too, so it's not a unique benefit to Plusnet. Find out how customers rate Plusnet as a broadband provider. If you're 100% after just a pay as you go deal, you could take a look at ultra-low-cost provider 1pMobile whose tariff is just 1p per minute, text or MB data. Telecoms regulator Ofcom regularly publishes information on the number of complaints it gets about the main mobile providers. Useful link: Compare Plusnet Mobile SIM only prices, We've pre-filtered these results for Plusnet's deals. Here's a look at the best offers currently available on Plusnet Mobile: ✔ We can help you compare phone pricesUse comparison tool, here at in new window). is independent - we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our recommendations are only influenced by our test and survey results. This may all sound very worthy, but let's see how Plusnet measures up as a mobile provider. Even though Plusnet say they have no active speed caps, we do expect their top speeds to be limited by the fact they don't use speed-boosting 4G+ technology. Even Mates Rates customers who receive double are getting less data than what's on offer from the competition. Their non-customer deals are usually among the cheapest already, so getting 2GB extra free means you can choose a cheaper plan that'd normally have less data, so it's practically a discount. The full list of countries you can roam like home in can be found here. We think this is a genuinely generous offer from Plusnet. You'll get an extra 2GB data free with any of their SIM only deals (see your exclusive offers here). Their deals do tend to only start from around £6 a month though. Useful link: Full tethering terms and conditions from Plusnet Mobile's help section, ✔ Free roaming in 40 selected destinations in the EUHow it works, from Plusnet's roaming guide(opens in new window). Find out how other providers fared in our guide to the best and worst mobile networks. Before signing up for a new mobile deal, read our review of Plusnet to see how it scored in our exclusive mobile network satisfaction survey. Plusnet calls this Mates Rates. But some networks have crafty usage limits while you're there. However, despite its image as a good-value provider, the SIM-only deals it offers lack decent data allowances. You can check your area an the Plusnet Mobile coverage checker, or you can take a look at the Ofcom coverage checker. All these networks give you some free hotspot access. Getting access to EE's quality mobile network on a cheap deal with no long-term commitment is what joining Plusnet Mobile is all about. Useful link: Read our full guide to Data Rollover plans, Not as good as:SMARTY, Sky Mobile, iD Mobile, Virgin Mobile, ✔ Three offer unlimited streaming dataHow Go Binge works. This will help us constantly improve our content. As such, the Plusnet service is a bit of a “no-frills” brand: it gives you access to the same underlying coverage you’d get on BT Mobile and EE, but without some of the additional features like double-speed 4G/4G+, Wi-Fi Calling, 4G Calling and BT Sport… You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. The company still presents itself as a “friendly, no-nonsense, award-winning communications provider”, which is proud of its northern roots, and likes to give back to the community. And that's kind of the point. Unfortunately, Plusnet's market share is too small for Ofcom to release these figures. There's no inclusive worldwide roaming on Plusnet, you pay per minute, text and MB at these rates outside Europe. Please check your inbox for our email. We would point out though that using your SIM for tethering will use up data more quickly and it could tip you over your monthly data allowance limit (here’s how much extra data costs on Plusnet Mobile). Cable is operated and owned by Existent Ltd © 2005-2020. Generally, we'd say if you want a low-cost phone contract that uses the EE network, Virgin Mobile are worth a look (you don't need their broadband). Although it tends to be only the pricier major providers. And in areas where EE's 4G is slower than that anyway, we don't expect a disadvantage for Plusnet vs being on EE directly for speed. Plusnet don't have access to the lowest-frequency 4G signal. We don't store email addresses nor pass them onto any third party. It's now a requirement that all mobile networks have to let you use your plan's UK mins, texts and data at no extra cost in the EU (unless it's a UK-only plan). Overall, we find Plusnet's roaming pretty fair and straightforward. By continuing, you agree to our cookies policy. Useful links: Plusnet's guide to roaming on their network, Not as good as:Three, Vodafone, O2, EE, Sky, VOXI, SMARTY, Tesco, ✔ Avoid surprise bills for extrasHow they work, from Plusnet's help section(opens in new window). (The service experienced by broadband customers may differ from the experience of mobile customers, so take this with a pinch of salt.). Simply enter your postcode into the map and it will tell you how good EE's signal is in your area, as well as comparing it with the other providers. As a Plusnet customer, this means you might not get 4G in some remote places where EE have it (but 2G/3G will likely be there) and in busy places (stations/crowds), you might get a slower 4G connection or rely on 3G. Data allowances in particular can feel ungenerous when compared with other providers. Or Virgin Mobile’s unlimited data for WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook Messenger. Extras means things like premium numbers, international calls or roaming see rates here.

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