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The gate to the southwest continues along the I-15, however it is locked. Inhabitants: Lieutenant Romanowski, Private Ortega, Morgan Blake, Trent Bascom, Anne, other sharecroppers. Note: Jules holds the schematic for .44 SWC hand load ammunition, which he will give to you if you pass a Guns skill check of 50 and a Survival skill check of 60. Arizona Killer (Assassinate President Kimball). The edible portion is the immature flower head (inflorescence) of the plant. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine. Inhabitants: General Lee Oliver, Colonel Cassandra Moore, Quartermaster Bardon (merchant), Head Engineer Mike Lawson, Engineer Allison Valentine, Ranger Grant, Ranger Stevens, Private Jeremy Watson, other rangers, engineers and NCR troopers. High Times (Help Bill Ronte and Jacob Hoff). Tools: Reloading bench, Workbench, Campfire. Enemies: three Mr Steels, two crazed Mister Handies (inside), Fiends (outside). Jean Sky Diving is the remains of an old sky-diving school, now overrun by a few Powder Gangers. Notable loot: Nikola Tesla and You, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, Hunting shotgun, The Die-ary of Trash. Nelson is a small settlement that was taken over by Caesar's Legion during the Battle of Nelson. Notable loot: Snow globe - Mt. Allied Technologies Offices lies on disputed territory (NCR soldiers and Viper gunslingers). Don't Make a Beggar of Me (Bring the chem shipment to Melissa). Notable loot: Thump-Thump (a unique variant of the grenade rifle), 2 Mini nukes. Broc Flower Cave. The Monte Carlo Suites is one large building with a big neon sign on the roof to the western side of New Vegas. Notable loot: C-4 plastic explosives (7), Schematics - dog tag fist (Rewarded for saving Halford, or found on his corpse). It consists of the Nipton Road general store, a destroyed house to the south and an inaccessible house to the north. Got to say, that is not at all what I was expecting. At first the map will be blank, with locations being marked on the map through player exploration. Bradley's Shack is a small shack. It's apparent that it was the home of a moonshiner as shown by the still in the kitchen and the numerous stalks of maize growing inside. The Jack Rabbit Springs is a highly irradiated place. I Hear You Knocking (Get a replacement firing mechanism for the Legion's howitzer from the Boomers). Factions: Freeside, Followers of the Apocalypse, Kings, Van Graffs. ive checked quickly around the larger cave, and in the little cave above it (where you find the Ratslayer) too. Inhabitants: First Sergeant Astor and NCR troopers, Private Kyle Edwards, Logan and his prospector companions. Access can also be granted through the quest Wild Card: Side Bets or by advancing far enough in any storyline to be asked to interact with the BoS. Notable loot: Salesman Weekly, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap. Archived. 32. Find out who is killing the brahmin on Dusty's ranch. The second approach can be accessed by the unmarked train tunnel (with a very hard lock) located north of Gypsum Train Yard. Fix the broken Trudy's radio in the Prospector Saloon. They are light blue in colour. Nothin' But a Hound Dog (Find a way to heal Rex). Buildings: HELIOS One power plant, Solar Collection Tower. Notable loot: Today's Physician in the Doc Mitchell's House; Fixin' Things, Meeting People, Salesman Weekly in the Prospector Saloon; Salesman Weekly in the General Store; Stealth Boy, Lad's Life, Meeting People, Programmer's Digest (2), Salesman Weekly in the Goodsprings Schoolhouse; Boxing Times in the Gas Station; Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual, Lad's Life, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the Goodsprings Houses. The computer on the left in the entrance room shows that a factory automation test has been running for 204 years. It is located in Westside. I went into the Broc Flower cave and made it to where the brahmin was usually located but there is no brahmin there, even though the map indicator says I am standing right on top of it. The building also serves as a mess hall and storage area. To the east of the ranch there is a ruined building (beware of traps on each entrance). Buildings: East Pump Station, East Cistern. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (Recon the Nipton Town Hall). East Pump Station is responsible for filtering the water being pumped along the water pipe from Lake Las Vegas into the NCR Sharecropper Farms. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap (in the house). Dungeon Delving: Do a favor by retrieving an item from a cave. On the field there are several poorly built greenhouses and a barracks. Related quest: Wheel of Fortune (Find some radiation suits near Nipton). Still in the Dark (Find three missing Brotherhood patrols, meet with three Brotherhood scouts, search the vaults in the region for the parts to the air filtration system). This key opens a Very Hard-locked gate (100 Lockpick) further along on the north side of the cave. Sections: Mirror yard, Observation deck. Vulpes Inculta ordered some legionaries open the containers with radioactive wastes stored in the fire station. Cold, Cold Heart (Spread word of Legion atrocities). H&H Tools Factory was the Houses' family owned company. When approaching from the old road, the Courier will encounter George, who provides the Nellis artillery timing details. The Broc Flower Cave is a small cavern. It is on the edge of the 160 trail. Enemies: Hardened sentry bots, Hardened Mister Handies. Inhabitants: Jeannie May Crawford, Cliff Briscoe (merchant), Ada Straus (doctor), Craig Boone (potential companion), Manny Vargas, Ranger Andy, Daisy Whitman, Bruce Isaac, Chris Haversam, No-bark Noonan, Alice McBride, Dusty McBride, Victor, Novac settlers. Broc flower is a miscellaneous and/or consumable item in Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, and Van Buren. By 2281, Marcus, the mild-mannered super mutant sheriff of a settlement named Broken Hills, had found Mount Charleston, where he founded yet another safe haven for mutants, naming it Jacobstown in honor of his old friend. The broc flower grows on broc plants and can be used in the crafting of healing powder and stimpaks due to its mild healing properties. More flowers can be found inside the Sinkhole. Classic Inspiration (Take a picture of the Novac thermometer). There are five snowberry bushes growing along either side of the path, which is marked by the piles of rocks leading from the road up to the entrance, and three clusters of blisterwort fungus around the entrance.. Boulder City Showdown (Defuse the situation with the Great Khans in Boulder City). I Could Make You Care (Look for information about the pulse gun at Nellis AFB). There is a hollowed-out rock on the right. There is also a dead Crimson Caravan guard, and a dead brahmin beneath the northern bridge.

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