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The top wood fired oven cooking school in the UK, Manna From Devon, uses bushman wood fired ovens … Our most affordable oven. In a recent Sunday times poll of the top 25 pizza restaurants in the UK, 5 used bushman wood fired ovens and in the top 10 restaurants in Wales 3 were Jay’s customers. Ooni karu wood fired portable pizza oven Powered with real wood or charcoal, this oven produced quality 13in pizzas every time and was up to temperature in around 17 minutes. Designed by us and made here in the UK by our own craftsmen. The team behind Wood Fired Chef have spent the last 10 years as professional wood fired caterers, at events all over East Anglia and the UK. As well as our extensive range of wood-fired and gas pizza ovens, we also supply our outdoor kitchen projects with high end luxury BBQs, side burners and outdoor rated fridges along with a host of tools and accessories. The Rustica is at the heart of our range. During that time we have developed an indepth knowledge of wood fired … The wood-fired Napoli Outdoor Oven offers quality and versatility for a moderate price, and is a great entry-level pizza oven for those with a close eye on their budget. Four Grand-Mere and … Based on traditional Italian pizza oven … If you are looking for a wood burning oven that embodies all the qualities of a traditional wood oven look no further.

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