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On 1 August 1946, Nehru, President of the Indian National Congress Party in his reply to the memorandum, appealed to the Nagas to join the Union of India promising local autonomy and safeguards in a wide-ranging area of administration. Eswatini • [96], The Feasts of Merit reflected the splendor and celebration of Naga life. In some areas dialects vary even from village to village. Uzbekistan • American Samoa • Frisia • Physical map of Nagaland. It headed the government with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Janata Dal (United) (JDU). Saint Vincent and the Grenadines • The Tuensang frontier was united with this single political region, Naga Hills Tuensang Area (NHTA),[26] and it became a Union territory directly administered by the Central government with a large degree of autonomy. Burundi • Serbia • It's a piece of the world captured in the image. Pridnestrovie • The map shows Nagaland state with borders, cities and towns, expressways, main roads and streets, and the location of Dimapur Airport (IATA code: DMU). [95], In Naga society, individuals were expected to find their place in the social hierarchy, and prestige was the key to maintaining or increasing social status. these cities are different cultures and languages. Areas cleared for jhum (shifting cultivation) have a secondary growth of high grass, reeds, and scrub jungle. Dimapur district is also at the lowest elevation, Zünheboto district being highest in the mountains. wg_archivovat('_uvodni', 'ajax/india/nagaland/maps/physical-map/cropped-outside/?_uvodni=1&_lehni=1&_say_goodbye=1&_jtzs=a&_j[]=mm&_bi=1&_archiv=1', wg_adresa_cela); Click to select this style. Nagaland has a lot to offer. The farm productivity for all crops is low, compared to other Indian states, suggesting a significant opportunity for farmer income increase. State capital, Other Roads, Union Territory of India, As a result, the population is about two-thirds Christian, with Hindus and Muslims following in numbers of adherents. Congo (Republic) • Customized Nagaland maps. The crux of the memorandum stated that: "Naga future would not be bound by any arbitrary decision of the British Government and no recommendation would be accepted without consultation". Clickable Geographical and Political Maps/Map of Nagaland Rhododendron is the state flower. The first Europeans to enter the hills were Captains Jenkins and Pemberton in 1832. Temperatures range from 21 to 40 °C (70 to 104 °F). Ethiopia • var useSSL = 'https:' == document.location.protocol; Paraguay • Navarre • Tonga • Click to select this style. Chuvashia • if (! The state generates 87.98 MU compared to a demand for 242.88 MU. }); This is not just a map. You can soak in the freshness of fine scent in the air, the calming yet buzzing sound of wild cicadas and beautiful rolling ranch lands and white fluffy clouds hovering above. [10] A popularly accepted, but controversial, view is that it originated from the Burmese word Na-Ka[11]' or 'naga', meaning people with earrings.' Yemen • Guam • Sakha • Vietnam • Faroe Islands • Iraq • Old maps Vanuatu • © Copyright 2013 Maphill. wg_pamet = ''; ); Vermont Republic • Additional attractions include the Konyak fire eating demonstration, pork-fat eating competitions, the Hornbill Literature Festival (including the Hutton Lectures), Hornbill Global Film Fest, Hornbill Ball, Choral Panorama, North East India Drum Ensemble, Naga king chilli eating competition, Hornbill National Rock Contest,[86] Hornbill International Motor Rally and WW-II Vintage Car Rally. Labeled India Map with Cities. .frprvw .img { The maps of former countries that are more or less continued by a present-day country or had a territory included in only one or two countries are included in the atlas of the present-day country. Highways map of Nagaland, Clickable Geographical and It is bordered by the state of Arunachal Pradesh to the north, Assam to the west, Manipur to the south and the Sagaing Region of Myanmar to the east. The NNC stands for the solidarity of all Naga tribes, including those in un-administered areas; Barbados • In 1957, an agreement was reached between Naga leaders and the Indian government, creating a single separate region of the Naga Hills. Sudan • Physical and topographical • } Singapore • Marshall Islands • Physical maps show the natural details of the land and water included in the area. Languages • Locations of some rivers of Nagaland on map: Find the locations of rivers of Nagaland on map. The interim body was dissolved on 30 November 1963 and the state of Nagaland was formally inaugurated on 1 December 1963 and Kohima was declared as the state capital. Guadeloupe • Adygea • Kosovo • Nagaland is a state in the far north east of India. Galicia • Seychelles • Joseph University, Nagaland[92], Northeast Christian University[93] and Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University (ICFAI University).[94]. ', '5__1_2':'Satellite map outside. The key thrusts of Nagaland's tourism are its rich culture, showcasing of history and wildlife. brings to you 7 new websites Benin • } If other languages are native and/or official in an entity, introductions in other languages are added in separate sections. Roads are the backbone of Nagaland's transportation network. Bouvet Island • The detailed maps use the Mercator projection which preserves the shape of small areas better. Oman • [citation needed], The Legislative Assembly of Nagaland (Vidhan Sabha) is the real executive and legislative body of the state. Tourism experts contend that the state's uniqueness and strategic location in northeast India give Nagaland an advantage in tapping into the tourism sector for economic growth.[79]. Antarctica • [85], The festival is named after the hornbill bird, which is displayed in folklores in most of the state's tribes. The most populous and the most urbanized is Dimapur district, with seven times the inhabitants of Longleng, the least populous. window.addEvent('load', function(){ North and [10], On 4 October 1879, G.H. ', '4__1_1':'Shaded relief base map. Comoros • Physical map Physical map illustrates the mountains, lowlands, oceans, lakes and rivers and other physical landscape features of Nagaland. [citation needed], After the independence of India in 1947, the area remained a part of the province of Assam. Gagauzia • Slovenia • In 1926, it became a part of Pakokku Hill Tracts Districts of Burma until 1948,January 4. Japan • The state capital is Kohima, located in the southern part of Nagaland. Without you having to pay for it. Bahamas • Moldova • The oral tradition is kept alive through folk tales and songs. The flat physical map represents one of many map types and styles available. Ghana • Korea (Republic) • Transylvania, Former sovereign nations $('atlas_img').set('src', $('atlas_img').get('src')); Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Thanks to automating the complex process of turning data into map graphics, we are able to create maps in higher quality, faster and cheaper than was possible before. Qatar • Naga folk songs are both romantic and historical, with songs narrating entire stories of famous ancestors and incidents. Poor transport and communications and a lack of raw materials, financial resources, and power hindered industrial growth. The least populated district is Longleng (50,593). The Angamis, Aos, Konyaks, Lothas, and Sumis are the largest Naga tribes; there are several smaller tribes as well (see List of Naga tribes). Balearic Islands • [87][88], Nagaland's rugged and mountainous landscape presents a major challenge to the infrastructural development of transport. Our latest podcast episode features popular TED speaker Mara Mintzer. Of course, there is. In 1878, the headquarters were transferred to Kohima — creating a city that remains an important center of administration, commerce, and culture for Nagaland. Jordan • Extremadura • Greenland • India • Wales • Nagaland, state of India, lying in the hills and mountains of the northeastern part of the country. Mozambique • It formed the Nagaland Peace Council in 1972. The value of Maphill lies in the possibility to look at the same area from several perspectives. [24] This Naga Memorandum stated. Bashkortostan • For illustration only. Ireland • Famous dishes include snails cooked with pork and silkworm larvae, which is an expensive delicacy of the state. 3. Frankish Empire • Differences in land elevations relative to the sea level are represented by color. Dagestan • showing details of Tourist Places, Tourist circuit,, Official Tourism Site of the State of Nagaland, India, Indianetzone - History of Nagaland, India, Nagaland - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). More than 90% of the population employed within it. The state is rich in mineral resources such as coal, limestone, iron, nickel, cobalt, chromium, and marble. Bulgaria • In what state is Bengaluru? The project will be executed in three phases. His wife brewed the beer which he offered to the guests. Area 6,401 square miles (16,579 square km). [40] The state is also known as the "falcon capital of the world. Kyrgyzstan • Serranilla Bank • Cottage industries such as weaving, woodwork, and pottery are an important source of revenue. Nagaland is a rural state. Adjara • Mineral Resources of Nagaland – Coal, limestone, iron, nickel, cobalt, chromium and marble. New Zealand • Armenia • Mari El • Asturias • Germany • More than four-fifths of the population lives in small isolated villages. Summer is the shortest season in the state, lasting for only a few months.

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