mini cows for sale

Mini Cow Pearl 2 Years Old. We have a couple of odd cows as well. If you have any questions regarding our miniature cows for sale, Please feel free to give me a call. DF April Shower Miniature Hereford cow. Sire: Riverview Gene A1A2 Height: 44in Miniature jersey cows, bulls and cattle are a rare heritage breed available for sale. Size - Our goal here is to stay around the standard miniature size or 38 to 44 inches tall at maturity. we take pride in having a part in the development of these exceptional animals and turning them into the highly desired Highlands that everyone loves. Ou Ou We do not currently have any cattle available, please check back in Spring 2021. Please contact us to ask about our package pricing. Heifers. RCM Callie Tassle RCM Callie Tassle RCM Callie Tassle. scroll down to see mini cows for sale. Sire: IH Sir Lancelot A1A2 Dob: 8/9/14 Registered - We are adding a few Registered head of Mini Herefords, Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus and both of our herd bulls are registered as well. Flora (SOLD), Little Smokey (SOLD) Small Family Cows for sale : Jerseys, Percentage minis & Beef x Dairy Dual purpose family cows. 62.5% mini jersey 12.5% jersey 1/3. Currently we have two mini cows at the ranch. Dam: Milking Lineback We have a small ranch so we chose Jersey’s for their superior quality milk and because their small size fits us. Dam: IH Juliette Previously Sold Miniature Belted Galloway Cow. Miniature means they are 42" and under. All of our calves and bred heifers/cows that were for sale during 2019 have been sold. $2,500. A2A2 $4000 micro miniature means they are 36" tall and under. Sire: SS Captain Morgan WE DO NOT TEST FOR A2 Announcement for clarity of our mission: PLEASE READ BEFORE MESSAGING. 20+ years of selection for balanced, functional traits, and backed by a line-breeding program that guarantees consistency and uniformity. Asking $5000, Daisy SOLD Asking $5,000, Zipper   SOLD % Mini Jersey % Mini White Breed Cows; Mini Belted Galloway Cows; Pricing; RCM 2020 Calves for Sale ; RCM 2019 Calves Sold; RCM 2018 Calves Sold; Our Miniature Belted Galloway / Panda Cows . 68.75% mini jersey 12.5% holstein 12.5% American mini Belty 6.25% white park Sire: IH Joe Joe Perfect for cow cuddling, our miniature cattle are born and bred for the first time livestock owner. We are well known for our friendly, colorful animals. Dam: IH Julette They keep us busy and entertained. 50% mini jersey 50% Milking Shorthorn “Suitable for any size property”. Height: 48 in Contact Ida at : or 303-775-3359 Dob: 10/6/14 We have some! % mini jersey We specialize in mini cows for sale and mini bulls for sale in Colorado by Lovable Little Ones. Asking $1800 Our Mini Cows. We specialize in miniature cows for sale and miniature bulls for sale in Colorado by Lovable Little Ones. Are you looking for miniature cattle with the cute factor? Dam:Milking Shorthorn More Info . 25% lowline Below are some cattle that we currently have for sale, please contact us with any questions! Mini Hereford Cows, Mini Jersey & Mid Size Red Angus Cows & Bulls in Texas — Welcome to Falster Farm! Dam: IH Bella A2A2 Prices vary from $1,200 to $8,000 depending on the size and the quality of the animal. Callie is a 2012 Mid Sized Miniature Red American Beltie Cow, 43 inches tall and naturally polled. Bred animals will be confirmed by either BioPRYN or palpation by vet. Asking: $2500, Indigo (SOLD) Dam: Lowline. Rocking L Ranch is a boutique designer of highland micro miniature and miniature cattle. Paradise Valley Farm has been breeding miniature livestock for over 15 years. I have received multiple messages lately from folks seeking a ‘ small mini bovine ‘ and those seeking an ‘ A2’ cow … Mini Dairy cows for sale; Raw Milk Shares; Grass Fed Beef and Pork; Lowlines/ Mini Herefords; micro mini cows; Pigs; Yaks/Highlanders/Zebus; For Sale. Dam: Juliette % Mini Jersey %Milking Line Back % white Park Some animals that we breed include mini pigs, goats & sheep, puppies, and large hoof-stock (ponies, cows, alpacas, etc). Asking: $2500, Peaches SOLD More Info . Height: 90.63% Mini jersey 6.25% Gallaway 3.12% Dexter Nancy and I are so excited to be meeting you. Dam: Jewells Princcess Jasmine of the Philippines. Sire: Pablo 1/3 ... Mini Cow Pearl 2 Years Old. We can’t wait to show you all that we have to offer. Sire: IH Joe Joe 75% Mini Jersey 12.5% American mini belty 12.5% Holstein Currently our whole Mini Hereford herd is offered for sale. Fainting goats. Our Little Acres has Mini Cows for Sale in Grantsburg, WI. Contact us if you would like a tour of our farm to see if mini/small breed cattle are for you. Dob: 4/09/13 Daisy, Remington, Rose and Bluebell Bella hanging out. Herd Discount available if two or more Mini Herefords are purchased together!

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