lessons from samson and delilah

He believed in his own strength more than he believed in God, who gave him his strength. His parents were told by an angel that Samson was to be a Nazirite all his life. He didn't think that Delilah was bad news for him. Begin the lesson by giving a few sticks of gum to some kids. By the fourth enticement, he crumbled. We came into this world with nothing, and we will leave with nothing. P.S. (3) At first, Samson would … The person who blows the most bubbles wins. After Delilah's third attempt at luring out his secret, why didn't Samson catch on? Although Samson was physically strong, he was morally weak. Why did he give in to temptation and give up his treasured gift? But the experiences Samson had with the woman he married earlier were much the same as experiences he had later with Delilah, the woman he later fell in love with. Intro Game: Resisting Temptation . The name is Semitic, but the story suggests that she was a Philistine. A person who has a “big head” is a person filled with pride. Have the kids take turns doing their impression of a lion. They had Samson to defend them, and Samson defended them with a vengeance. A pride usually includes one alpha male who's in charge, several lionesses, and their cubs. (1) Both women were Philistines. Our safari begins with one of the wildest animals of all, the king of beasts. Nowadays, it has come to mean "a seductive woman." Why do you think Samson told Delilah his secret? In fact, the New Testament doesn't list Samson's failures, nor his incredible acts of strength. Contestants have 90 seconds to blow as many bubbles as they can. Pride can keep you from practicing and in turn keep you from excelling in your favorite sports and other activities. But pride can also be dangerous. It is relentless. Pride causes us to swell up and burst. Then ask them how this verse is connected to today’s story. Forgive us for the times when we forget where our blessings come from. “'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.” - Zechariah 4:6b (NIV), “‘Your strength will not get my temple rebuilt. (2) The Philistine leaders asked both women to trap Samson. Put the verse on the big screen and read it aloud with the kids. Second, we need to thank God for all he’s given us. Delilah was never the wife of Samson. The teams line … Samson was really strong, but he wasn't really wise. Oddly enough, all three of the women Samson gave his heart to were among his gravest enemies, the Philistines. Then the baboons moved in, ran us off. Smitten with Delilah and infatuated with his own extraordinary talents, Samson walked right into the destructive plot. We can keep pride from bursting our bubble by staying humble and giving glory to God. He didn't run away from Delilah when he had the chance; rather, he stayed thinking that he would be able to defeat any challenge or enemy that came his way. Remember where your blessings come from, and give all the glory to God. Log in, « The Biblical Meaning of Mermaids in Dreams, Samson and The Philistine Woman In Timnah, 4 Financial Tips for Christian Moms to Lead a Serene Life, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: My first 4 months of faith blogging, 10 of the Best Christian Leadership Books, On My Bookshelf: The Bible Cure for High Blood Pressure. It keeps them alive. Samson is also mentioned with the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11:32. It kills zebras, it kills wildebeests, it kills antelopes, and just last week it got a baby elephant. Samson was chosen by God to lead Israel. The story of Samson and Delilah teaches us that if we let pride get the best of us, we will fall. Try different challenges: who can blow the largest bubble, the longest string of bubbles in one blow, the bubble that travels the furthest before popping, etc. What was the mistake that the children of Israel continued to make in the book of Judges? Likewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders. LION: I wouldn’t say I’m afraid, but I make it a point to steer clear of baboons. We can keep ourselves from falling. CHET: People ask me, do you have a lot of pride? So what lesson is there to learn from this? It has a hero, a villain, a plot, and a sad conclusion with justice prevailing in the end. He believed he was invincible, and his pride led him to do something very foolish. Do you feel like a complete failure? Pride can keep you from studying for a test - and so you fail it. When they forsook Him to worship false gods, He forsook them. Through his death, Samson destroyed more of his enemies in this one sacrificial act, than he had previously killed in all the battles of his life. In this video, I want to show you that even your life is all messed up, God can still use you for His purpose and redeem you from your most hopeless situation. Lions have been a fascination throughout time. Give each player a bottle of bubbles. The story of Samson and Delilah is found in Judges 16. He gave in. Samson abandoned his God-assigned mission to please the woman who had stolen his affections. The lion can be a person in a lion costume or lion makeup, or it can be a puppet. Alternately, you could have a bubble blowing contest with bubble gum instead of soap bubbles. At the time, Samson was judge over Israel and had been taking out great vengeance on the Philistines. And in spite of his horrible failures and sins of great consequence, Samson's heart now turned to the Lord. God gave us our gifts, just as he gave Samson his strength. If we don't control our pride, we are in for a mighty fall. Take everything you have, everything you are given, and give glory to God for those blessings. We know this lesson is a fun and easy way to teach kids the story about Samson and Delilah. Needed: drawing paper, crayons or colored pencils. Remember who made you. Every good thing that we have comes not from our own goodness, but from God. Samson let Delilah do the one thing that was forbidden, and that’s why the mighty Samson fell. Pride can make us feel good. A businessman might let pride lead him to break the law and he goes to jail. As he slaved at grinding grain, his hair began to grow back, but the careless Philistines paid no attention. It is the lionesses who stalk and kill most of the prey for their families. Even worse, the Holy Spirit departed from Samson. Do not take credit for the things God has done for you. No matter how far you've fallen away from God, no matter how big you've failed, it's never too late to humble yourself and return to God. Here's a video from Kids on the Move that you might find helpful to go along with your Sunday School Lesson on Samson and Delilah.

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