l vs sherlock

He causes chaos by his crime riddles. L uses things like psychology in his investigations. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Ra's is a genius, just so you know. Round 1: Sherlock in the show is already publicly known, and has a blog dedicated to his adventures, It definitely shouldn't be hard for L to find out his identity first. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Round 1: L. L is 24 at the start of the anime and has solved around 2000 cases. I had typed the above, then concluded that both people would be too smart for each other, and that neither would be successful. L had no evidence of any kind, no leads except that all deaths were caused by a heart attack and that they generally took place outside of school hours. Regardless of the case, L will have a lot more information a lot sooner than Sherlock. b) I think Batman in some cases would be considered Sherlock's detective equal with wealth that should far surpass what L has to offer. So I'm going to project my own thoughts on the DN series a bit here.

How fast can they catch Riddler? Round 2: L, I think Sherlock is a lot more famous and it would be easier for him to figure it out. Before he does so, he plants evidence to throw Sherlock off his trail, and causes Sherlock to erroneously believe someone else was L, most likely another cadaver. This means that it is possible that at the age of 19 L solved one case every day. Sherlock takes this fairly handily - this version of Sherlock is more mature, calm, calculating, thoughtful, and insightful into the human mind. Unlike Light, Sherlock only kills dangerous criminals and does not kills people who oppose him (like FBI agents), neither he wants to kill L. Can Sherlock make L think killings are just accident? While L can certainly find Nygma, I think time is too much of a buff for Holmes. What? So not only he know exactly who wields the weapon, his identity, and much more - he also knows everything there is to know about a magic that has never been seen before in the history of humanity and which would put anyone in real life into an asylum. Original Sherlock is the only Sherlock that lays traps that are worth a damn. L (from Death Note) vs Sherlock Holmes (from BBC's Sherlock).

Sherlock is a relatively well known detective while L was raised in secret in a secret orphanage to solve crimes. In that time frame more people have tested and refined Sherlock's method. I just don't think he has the feats to win this at all, the only advantage L has is in terms of resources. He and L would both realise Batman must be incredibly wealthy, or at least know someone who is. Round 2: still L. The only way Batman could figuer out L's identity is if he found Watari and.... ya know to get the information but I doubt batman would do that and even if he did I don't think Watari would be out if he had knowledge of the situation. Can L take this? Sherlock has a pretty distinct style of deduction, and I think L can latch onto that. This will be a game of who is the better detective or who can figure out someone's identity first. Round 4: Chess match: Could go either way, I vote L. Hand-to-hand fight Sherlock. Sherlock, right before his death, was a small-time celebrity in London.

Actual 2: I misread and realized its batman and not Sherlock. He uses his resources to determine extremely wealthy people who had been murdered by firearm in the past 30 years, and finds that Thomas Wayne had been gunned down right in front of his son, Bruce. a) L and Sherlock work together. He will alter his entire look which might throw the Death Note off if Kira ever does meet H. Holmes should actually win this round. My own theory is that L's true name is only known to him and Misa. He has shown to be out in the field more than L. His extremely unrealistic perception roll gives him more of a benefit than L's intuition imo. I am trying to compare two great fictional detectives. b) No. Sherlock has big amount of resources. Sherlock has better tools than Light did and also has the advantage of magic.

Sherlock would have won. Win by bringing Magnussen to justice. a) Sherlock wins. 2) I know virtually nothing about Riddler, but Sherlock spent an entire episode just cracking riddles, some of which I think L could not possibly figure out. b) L and Sherlock are working separately, Sherlock has Watson.

William Sherlock Scott Holmes is his actual name, which is something only John, his parents, and Mycroft know, and Light wouldn't have access to birth records of people from the UK to figure out his real name. Neither can come close to Batman's combat ability and experience. I won't spoil it for people who haven't seen Elementary yet, but L will actually get this one, despite the show's Sherlock having literally no chance whatsoever. Sherlock Holmes is called to Japan to help with the Kira investigation. L is unaware of Sherlock's actions.

Besides the FBI, who have no idea if L is a person or an organization, plus there have been multiple efforts to try to find him, even still people don't know what he looks like, in the books he twice shows up in public and FBI Agents didnt know it was him.

2: As far as discovering each other's identities go, Sherlock doesn't exactly hide his identity, and L barely even has one, so L would also take this. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Round 2: L, I think Sherlock is a lot more famous and it would be easier for him to figure it out. Moriarty decides L isn't worth his time and goes back to being a consulting criminal, and I don't think L could catch him because he is completely hidden unlike Light. Who can catch him first? First off, L died in his Show.

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