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Mary Jerram is the former State Coroner of NSW. In his day job he is the Head of Digital, Social and Emerging Technologies at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Hannah had to assess how much of her career... Vik Nithy will be speaking about how meditation has helped him overcome his personal struggles with mental health. Appointed to the role of Principal at 33, Jihad... View Profile. Solli's unique and emotive poetry aims to explore human action towards environmental sustainability. Authorised by Bob Nanva, Australian Labor Party (NSW Branch), Level 9, … You’re at your desk, 3pm comes around, and you start to really... Sydney based artist collective, Deep Sea Astronauts and singer, Sheba Williams perform the song "Beautiful" in a tribute to a Sydney icon, the ibis - affectionately called "bin chickens"! The founder of the #MeToo movement, Tarana Burke, took the stage at TEDWomen, and opened the event: This series takes you on a journey to uncover and share the key turning points of various TEDxSydney alumni speakers to date. Find your friends on Facebook. Oliver first skated in an empty pool at the age of six, while growing up in Papua New Guinea.... Dr Clio Cresswell chats with Fenella Kernebone before her big talk at TEDxSydney 2014. Mary Jerram is the former State Coroner of NSW. In this powerful talk, celebrated Australian author and actress Magda Szubanski uses lessons from her Nazi-fighting family to explore where courage originates. See Photos. Created for us by Peter Cramer at The MilkBar. Tim Sharp is an internationally acclaimed 25 year-old... 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Jihad Dib was the first person in his extended family of over 100 people to attend university. In this entertaining talk, she celebrates the virtue of seemingly pointless scientific research... As fact check editor at The Conversation, Lucinda Beaman sees first-hand the conflict between facts and beliefs. DIB Routing Number : 802420101. Works at Van Rooijen Logistiek Turnhout. It won’t surprise you to know that we live, breathe and love ideas at TEDxSydney. Recently, Jake was awarded... Mary Jerram chats with Fenella Kernebone in The Studio after her talk at TEDxSYdney 2014. He will also be exploring how meditation can help young people... A video documentation of how our Principal Partner The University of Sydney became involved on our big day at the MCA. | Lucinda Beaman, Mathematics is the sense you never knew you had | Eddie Woo, A real history of Aboriginal Australians, the first agriculturalists | Bruce Pascoe, A perfect apology in three steps | Jahan Kalantar, I have to talk with my daughter about racism now | Miles Merrill, A digital spinal cord that streams your thoughts | Thomas Oxley, Let’s teach mathematics creatively | Ivan Zelich, We need to interrogate the future before it arrives | Grace Turtle, A young inventor uses the past to change the future | Macinley Butson, The Computer Science of Human Decision Making | Tom Griffiths, Susan Butler answers your Post-it® questions, Interview: Edwina Throsby, Head of Curatorial, In Conversation with Oliver Percovich | TEDxSydney 2014, In Conversation with Markus Zusak, in The Studio, How I Learned to Improve Technology: Jake Coppinger, Skateboarding in Afghanistan: Oliver Percovich, A Double Shot of Happiness: Tim & Judy Sharp, Want to be known as a vagina girl for the rest of your life? Professor Ron McCallum AO is one of Australia's most respected industrial and... Music educator Richard Gill is the Music Director of the Victorian Opera and the Artistic Director of the Education Program for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Jihad Dib was told the task was too big, the school too damaged and the community too fractured. Video by Motion Pictures. In 2007 Oliver moved to Afghanistan from Australia when... Tim and Judy Sharp's story is one of great love and inspiration. Born in New Zealand, Mary... Jake Coppinger, a Canberra-based year 11 student with a passion for creating new technologies, chats with Fenella Kernebone prior to his 2014 TEDxSydney talk. People named Jihad Dib. What’s the TEDxSydney Hub? Jihad has 6 jobs listed on their profile. His other interests include electronic... Music educator Richard Gill argues the case for igniting the imagination through music and for making our own music. Email or phone: Password: Forgotten account? It documents, in stunningly evocative slow motion, a range of kids experiencing their... Fenella gets to chat with Tim and Judy Sharp immediately after they come off the main stage at TEDxSydney n 2014. Upon completing his degree in teaching, Jihad quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the youngest High School Principals. He believes that the way that... How will individuals and society at scale respond to the age of automation or robots taking their jobs? In what could be the first direct link between AI and the human brain, interventional neurologist Thomas Oxley reveals the world's first minimally invasive digital spinal cord. Get Directions Show Map Hide Map Share via SMS. He was told it wasn't worth the effort. Log in or sign up for Facebook to connect with friends, family and people you know. As an Experience... Macinley Butson, describes two of her acclaimed inventions that were both inspired by ancient technology. Jihad Dib (born 1973) is an Australian politician who was elected at the 2015 New South Wales state election to the Legislative Assembly as the member for Lakemba representing the Labor Party. In his talk, Jihad outlines the way his vision of a better school, a brighter future and a stronger community, came to be. Jihad Dib is the Principal of Punchbowl Boys' High School in Sydney's South West. Dictionary editor Susan Butler follows the changing language, documenting it as objectively as possible. In this moving and beautiful performance, 60 children from Moorambilla Voices perform the song “Guya”. DIB hosts UAE’s Top Sharia Leaders to layout the future direction of Industry’s Compliance About Islamic Banking; Vision & Mission; Subsidiaries and Associates; Leadership Team; DIB Swift Code : DUIBAEAD. See Photos. Taking place on 30 October 2018 four speakers and one performer posed their unique perspectives about the connected world around us. Music by... Tasty Video Bit at #TEDxSydney 2013. Dr Clio Cresswell is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at The University of Sydney,... Jake Coppinger, a Canberra-based year 11 student with a passion for creating new technologies, chats with Fenella Kernebone prior to his 2014 TEDxSydney talk. Subscribe - http://bit.ly/TEDxSydneyYouTube Twitter - https://twitter.com/tedxsydney Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TEDxSydney By Kapow Pictures for TEDxSydney 2014. He explains how children with imaginary friends are more creative... After a long career in journalism and publishing (Imagine Media, publisher of Business 2.0 magazine, and creator of the popular games website IGN), Chris Anderson became the curator of... Mary Victor O'Reeri lives and works in the remote north-west Kimberley region of Western Australia. He was told it wasn't worth the effort. Dr Clio Cresswell is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at The University of Sydney, researching... Fenella Kernebone chats with Entrepreneur & Founder of Skateistan, Oliver Percovich. Credits:... We had all just piled into the ICC for the start of TEDxSydney, where Wiradjuri elder Yvonne Weldon of the Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council gave a warm and moving... Emus can’t fly, but there’s an Emu in the sky. Dib Jihad MP (02) 9759 5000. In her powerful talk at TEDxSydney Pitch Night, Liana Downey opened with a stunning line: ‘People who focus change lives’. Jihad Dib. Sign Up. Dib Jihad … Take a journey through time.... You’re in the shower and it comes to you. Here we bring together the talks that went one step further, and completely blew our minds.... Fenella Kernebone chats with Entrepreneur & Founder of Skateistan, Oliver Percovich. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and is a passionate believer in the the difference a great education can make to the lives of others. You're probably not! We are inspired by original thinkers, empowered by innovators and emboldened by... “It all comes down to the ideas and the people,” said Remo Giuffré, founder and licensee of TEDxSydney. 803 talking about this. As Principal Partner, the University of Sydney played host to a 300-strong crowd in The Studio, where staff and students took to the stage to discuss their remarkable stories... Mary Jerram chats with Fenella Kernebone in The Studio after her talk at TEDxSYdney 2014. In this talk, he leads the TEDxSydney audience through some... Derek Muller is the Creative Director of Veritasium, a science video blog with 90 films based off of interviews with Australians about issues such as global warming, seasons and... A short video with vox pops made by Andre Fenby and Drew Rooke, Media and Communication students at the University of Sydney … Principal Partner for TEDxSydney 2013. She asks if there is such thing... As Dr Suzie Sheehy explains, the conveniences of our modern lives owe much to curiosity-driven research. In the world of gender studies, Michael Kimmel is what you might describe as an early adopter. Enjoy! In an enlightening and persuasive talk, psychologist Evan Kidd argues that we need to start taking play more seriously. As a traditional owner, educator, UN delegate and communicator, Mary works with her people... Seb lives many lives. Tim Sharp is an internationally acclaimed 25... Markus Zusak takes time to chat with Fenella Kernebone in The Studio after he comes of the main stage at TEDxSydney in 2014. It goes without saying that TEDxSydney talks are engaging, thought-provoking, and enlightening on many levels. Email Address * 26 April 2017 . Grace Turtle thinks this is hard to predict. Log In. In this touching short talk, criminal defence lawyer Jahan Kalantar offers advice on... By choosing to create this talk, Miles Merrill faced the tough decision to discuss the n-word and racism with his eight-year old daughter. Here he describes the art of... After noticing many people dangerously using their phones while crossing the road, high school student Jake Coppinger decided to develop a form of human-computer interaction that does away with... Oliver Percovich first skated in an empty pool at the age of six, while growing up in Papua New Guinea. Subscribe - http://bit.ly/TEDxSydneyYouTube Twitter - https://twitter.com/tedxsydney Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TEDxSydney Chip by Opening Act Films and mtm Runtime Pictures was selected as part of the Tasty Video Bit series for... TEDxSydney, the premier TEDx event on the world, is throwing it's support behind one of the smallest events in the world, TEDxMogadishu. First Taste was a video made especially for TEDxSydney 2013 by Saatchi & Saatchi in Sydney. An updated version of a video played at TEDxSydney 2019, celebrating 10 years of TEDxSydney. He shares... Two years ago, when Ivan Zelich was a 17-year-old school student, he co-developed a theorem that took the global scientific community by storm. The TEDx Sydney 2018 opening video titles explore this year’s topic of Humankind by taking us through the TEDxSydney Museum, where our present and potential future collide with... 13-year-old poet, Solli Raphael, a  asks "what kind of human are you, what kind am I?" Jihad Dib. Oliver first skated in an empty pool at the age of six, while... Hannah Ryan's mother asked her: "Do You Want to be known as Vagina Girl for the rest of your life?"

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