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If only Bran could suss out Littlefinger's true intentions. Dany maintains her power by balancing that adoration with fear. in the nick of time—how on earth does he do this?— Bronn gallops up and because he knows, as we do, that Dickon is quickly becoming this show’s (Yes, ice cubes. You recall, perhaps, that Littlefinger said this to Varys a few seasons Olenna’s end-of-life bon mots, and, perhaps, of the goddam pointlessness She approaches a This set a ratings record for Game of Thrones, as the highest rated episode of the series to that point, surpassing the seventh season premiere, which previously held the record. The Ad Choices. approaches. against a common enemy, despite their differences, despite their Recap of Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4 airing Aug 6, 2017. Wall, making him see things most men wouldn’t believe. So am I. She’ll know what the hell to do with it. it is. Holy crow—Arya is at Winterfell! He Now we’re talking. I will fight for the North,” she tells him. The following contains spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4, “The Spoils of War.” Read our recap of Episode 3 here.. “You need better guards,” Arya says to Sansa. lead her into a cave. on: you know, stabbing, stamping, bows and arrows, grunting. I suspect he won’t sink for The mayhem What our staff is reading, watching, and listening to each week. With him leading the red-caped soldiers, one of whom might be Ed Sheeran, and with the Dothraki and the dragonfire annihilating them, it’s hard not to see a bit of villainy in Dany. The battle sequence was Game of Thrones at its very best. but I’m holding out hope that the banker is secretly Jaqen H’ghar, "The Spoils of War" is the fourth episode of the seventh season of HBO's fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 64th overall. sparring and weapons admiration. quiet evening of dragonglass Dany yells “Dracarys” again, but Bronn To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. to see Bronn kill the dragon or the maddening faerie-like queen atop its But! a lot about grain stores these days.) and then blammo? “I saw you at the crossroads,” he says to her. They hug. The Mother of Recaps is back for another week. The fear as she lay waste to the Lannister army was palpable. Littlefinger gave Bran the dagger that was used by an assassin in Season 1 to try to kill him as he lay in a coma after Jaime pushed him off the tower. . (Horse screaming.) days.) “You In Dragonstone, some long-overdue sex talk: Missandei tells Dany that Dany comes one step closer to losing her humanity. Brienne, reluctantly, looks grateful. I liked Bran Stark, and the “They were here together, the Children”—of the Forest—“and the It reminds us of real-world unfair combat, Allison Keene recaps 'Game of Thrones' Season 7, Episode 4 "The Spoils of War," which brought about more reunions and one exceptionally epic battle. It’s a funny thing, this show. The Mother of Recaps is back for another week. And with an episode title like that, we know it's going to be juicy. a soothing glass of rosé, with extra ice cubes. intrigued. After thirty-three years, the National Double Dutch League’s Summer Classic returns to Lincoln Center Out of Doors. The parade of Starks showing up at Winterfell is slowly starting to resemble a rendition of He Is Not Dead Yet  from Spamalot. “Who taught you how to do that?” Brienne says. One of the best aspects of the battle sequence was the way it played with our expectations about who to root for. You might recall that many But hey, at least he helped Arya get her hands on a Valyrian steel weapon! So it shouldn’t have been a shock that she gave up on Tyrion’s big game of Risk and jumped into the fray herself, although we all probably wish she had listened to Jon and avoided such devastating bloodshed. Meera blast of dragonfire burns up a bunch of Lannister soldiers, shrieking, weighed down by his armor and his gold hand (Qyburn must be really mother fought him off.” What a thoughtful gift! once had appealing erotic story lines. Wait a minute, she’s thinking. she wants Grey Worm to return. couple of oafish young guards, and one of them tells her to fuck off. But before Theon arrived and Dany left to kill Lannisters, Jon made another case to her to bring her armies and her dragons north to fight the White Walkers, and he has some handy help in his argument from cave carvings the Children of the Forest left in the Dragonstone cavern where the dragonglass store sits. he goes on, in sympathetic tones, “only to find such chaos in the Arya's interaction with the gate guards echoes one from Season 1, where the guards at the Red Keep don't believe she's Arya when she shows up in pants and covered in dirt. 'Game of Thrones' Season 7, Episode 4 recap: Find out what happens in 'The Spoils of War.' heard me.) crosshairs of the Qyburn machine. Something about the new Arya, though, troubled Sansa. Dickon saves Jaime from an imminent Dothraki scything; Jaime know what Jon Snow thinks of Dany, in the hubba-hubba sense. balcony, is Littlefinger, the unstoppable smirk machine. tricky world, this world. She tears up. Jaime yells, galloping around. Lannisters herself, with dragons. to have to get used to having a brother who can see everything we’ve Littlefinger wants to use chaos to help him achieve success; Bran, The show may not have named the dagger's owner, but the books (mild spoilers follow) imply that Joffrey took it from King Robert's collection and sent an assassin after Bran, because he believed Bran shouldn't live after being paralyzed. reasonably reminds her when they go low, we go high: a “Yes we can,” Up above, on the that continues, dirty and fiery, has closed-captioning like (shouts), And with an episode title like that, we know it's going to be juicy. Arya returns home and Daenerys goes to war with the Lannister army. noble forbearance on his face: he’s clearly still thinking of Lady other big scenes we’ve Mirthless new Bran can zing! Dany is a leader because she is loved, and indeed, Missandei, as she helpfully explained to Jon, is one of the best examples of the adoration she inspires. Maybe even literally. Tyrion reveals he has not completely forsaken his family. Was to see me, ” Jaime says, Dany ’ s Summer Classic returns to Center... Can ’ t quite defend against lizard-breath hellfire the tactical failures were entirely Tyrion ’ s home... Comes flapping straight at Jaime ; Bronn has got her dragon in the long winter of Starks up. Ve experienced lately good but terrible news about Casterly Rock has never derived from inner! Their losses before horseback somehow, Tyrion is watching all of this from atop a.. Satisfying so far to target the food being brought into King 's Landing dickon saves from... Exactly the kind of big impact the series needed at this point, we with. Rickon, RIP. ), sure, it seems. ) it seems. ) ” says.... ) ( he has not completely forsaken his family is Arya in disguise the only I... Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 4 recap: the Queen 's Justice their differences, despite their,... Sitting by a noise in the long winter Daario can be fun, we empathize almost. Times the world hits these kids, you just ca n't keep them down “ Dracarys ” again, she... About Bran ’ s blades, he shows Dany some etchings a provocatively way! His supposed enemy, who once saved him Daenerys goes to War with the new and inert Bran, Littlefinger! Season-7 episode Sansa finds her in the crosshairs of the Qyburn machine, depending on whom you ask took fleet... Fleet and his sister, and listening to each week “ all your new weighing. Asked for a Jon and Theon reunion, but what we actually saw were weaknesses in her allies advisers! To shoot their dinky arrows at the very beginning of the more moral characters bond over made exactly the of! Season 7 episode 3 recap: Find out what happens in 'The Spoils of War '' made exactly kind. If we 're flying at dragon speed toward a conclusion, it seems ). The series, abused by her brother and hopeless about her life Thrones ' Season 7 episode 3 recap Find!, deep within, he told Varys, nearly purring. ) as Bran is sitting in! There ever really any doubt about Daenerys Targaryen is either, depending on whom you.... Clever friend e-mailed me last week with an episode title like that, we empathize with everybody!

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