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a) The acquisition strategy evolves through an iterative process and becomes increasingly more definitive in describing the relationship of the essential elements of a program. Identify program protection considerations that must be factored into the assessment in the following areas: Defense Exportability Features (DEF) design and development, Systems Engineering (SE) and Systems Security Engineering (SSE) program protection tradeoff analyses in the Systems Engineering Plan (SEP), and specific program protection measures (e.g., information security, Anti-Tamper (AT), and TSN) needed to facilitate international involvement. Flexibility and creativity in conducting the actual assessment should be encouraged. (DoDD 5000.01, Enclosure 1, paragraph E1.1.18, page 8) Where appropriate, PMs should pursue cooperative opportunities and international involvement throughout the life cycle to enhance cooperation and improve interoperability. Please note that you should expect to receive a response from our team, regarding your inquiry, within 2 business days. ACQ 380 - International Acquisition Management ACQ 380.U16.01.03 Examine the benefits of establishing a “set” of exportable configurations for the program ACQ 380.U16.01.04 Examine how different international acquisition program mechanisms can be leveraged in the program’s P&D and O&S acquisition phases The results of this analysis should be used to identify the set of TSFD authorizing processes (sometimes referred to as “pipes”) that will assess and issue decisions regarding future foreign release of the capabilities, critical technologies, and critical/sensitive classified and controlled unclassified information for the program/system. Each strategy shall, where appropriate, consider “International involvement, including foreign military sales and cooperative opportunities, in accordance with section 2350a of this title” per 10 USC 2431a (subparagraph (c)(2)(G)). It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. (DoDI 5000.02, Enclosure 2, paragraph 7.a, page 92). Conducting an IA&E Assessment is a logical precursor to defining the international considerations that should be addressed in the international involvement section of a program’s Acquisition Strategy to comply with 10 USC 2431a (subparagraph (c)(2)(G)) and 10 USC 2350a (para (e)) and DoD 5000 series requirements. The International Marketing Environmental Factors That Affect Global Companies In Their International Marketing Decisions Published on May 10, 2016 May 10, 2016 • 42 Likes • 3 Comments The Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) emphasizes the importance of conducting IA&E Assessments during the initial phases of the DoD acquisition process based on 10 USC 2431a (subparagraph (c)(2)(G)) and 10 USC 2350a (para (e)) and corresponding DoDI 5000.02 policy which requires early, comprehensive consideration of a program’s international aspects within the Defense Acquisition System framework. The program’s IA&E Assessment should be updated periodically to support the development and update cycle for the program’s Acquisition Strategy International Involvement section and, if applicable, International Business Plan (IBP). Some students learn a new language more quickly and easily than others.This simple fact is known by all who have themselves learned a second language or taught those who are using their second language in school. CPI protection measures will be integrated and synchronized, then documented in the Program Protection Plan (PPP). Historically programs with a significant level of projected international activity have conducted an initial IA&E analysis to support program planning. What sensitive information, CPI and/or mission-critical functions and components will likely be included in the system design and documentation efforts? Program managers should assess any allied/partner interoperability and coalition JCIDS ICD requirements that are established based on JROCM 025-19 and take appropriate steps to develop initial Defense Exportability Features (DEF) program protection requirements to support future sale, transfer, or use of the system to allied/partner nations. Taking into account the answers to the preceding questions, does your program have analytically-based ROM estimates of potential international cooperation and/or future sales of the system? If it is early in a program before the system design is established, it is possible to gain general situational awareness on Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure (TSFD) boundaries by analyzing relevant policies and precedent-setting release decisions from analogous systems with comparable CPI and or mission-critical functions and components. (DODI 2010.06, para 3.b), Information technology that DoD Components use must interoperate with systems of joint, combined, and coalition forces to the maximum extent practical. The DAG recommends: This Job Support Tool (JST) provides a framework and suggested approach for conducting an IA&E Assessment as recommended by the DAG and is organized as follows: Section 1 – Fundamental Policies, Section 2 – Analysis and Evaluation, Section 3 – Best Practices, and Section 4 – Documentation of Results. The part of the International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E) Assessment during which the Program Management Office and Integrated Product Team identify the Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure (TSFD) technology areas ("pipes") that are relevant to the program's future international acquisition activities: Taking into account the answers to the preceding questions, does your program have analytically based ROM estimates of potential international cooperation and/or future sales of the system. To achieve interoperability with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and coalition forces, pursuant to 10 USC 2457, program offices and procuring activities must, to the maximum extent feasible when needed to meet required capabilities, comply with U.S.-ratified materiel ISAs applicable to their acquisitions by citing their implementing documents in solicitations and contracts. How reliable do you think they are? What system characteristics and/or configuration items may require DEF development of differential capabilities from the DoD configuration? The Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program is a form of security assistance authorized by the Arms Export Control Act (AECA), as amended [22 U.S.C. Acquisition Executives (DoDI 5200.44), Program managers should take appropriate steps to protect sensitive unclassified information about system-related design, applications, processes, capabilities, and items that reside on non-DoD (contractor) information technology systems and networks. It is DoD policy to make timely decisions that advance U.S. political-military objectives by building the capacities of allies and partners while maintaining U.S. operational and technological advantages and protecting critical technology from diversion to potential adversaries. What interfaces must be controlled in derived systems requirements incorporated in program contracts to achieve the desired interoperability? May delay or compromise an international acquisition program Need to incorporate adequate program protection and defense exportability features early Disclosure authorizations must be in place in order to lawfully discuss certain types of DoD information Benefits Operational - to increase military effectiveness (1), page 92). The following learning objectives are covered in this lesson: • Recognize the conceptual framework used to plan and implement DoD’s International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E) activities. The agency head or a designee shall prescribe procedures f or the following: (a) Promoting and providing for full and open competition (see part 6) or, when full and open competition is not required in accordance with part 6, for obtaining competition to the maximum extent practicable, with due regard to the nature of the supplies and services to be acquired (10 U.S.C. International involvement to include potential cooperative development, foreign sales, and promoting interoperability with allied and friendly nations is to be discussed in the International Involvement section of the Acquisition Strategy as required by DoDI 5000.02, 10 USC 2350a, and the FY16 NDAA. As the program progresses through the Defense Acquisition System, ensure the Geographic Combatant Commanders’ (GCC) views on providing the capability to specific countries in their Areas of Responsibility (AoR) are factored into the assessment. International Acquisition includes Int'l Cooperative Programs, Sales & Transfers, Tech Security & Foreign Disclosure, Defense Exportability, and International Contracting. International acquisitions are generally cheaper than the establishment of a new subsidiary. For example, on an ACAT I program with significant international potential, establishing a formal IA&E Assessment effort – including a chartered team and a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) integrated with the MSA phase Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) -- should be considered. Which areas will likely be available to foreign partners (government or industry) for future program efforts that will be unaffected by projected TSFD and export control boundaries and restrictions? The Acquisition Strategy is a comprehensive plan that identifies and describes the acquisition approach that Program Management will follow to manage program risks and meet program objectives. (DoDI 5000.02, Enclosure 3, paragraph 13.b, page 99), Program managers should take steps to protect mission-critical elements and components in USG/DoD Trusted Systems and Networks (TSN) through measures such as Systems Security Engineering (SSE), Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM), Anti-Counterfeits, Software Assurance, Trusted Foundry, etc. (Note: for programs that envision substantial international involvement throughout the life-cycle, acquiring subject matter expertise from government or industry sources to estimate global defense marketplace demands for the system during its early development phases should be considered). Identify planned or ongoing foreign acquisition programs that might meet DoD requirements or could be modified to do so by networking within the international community including Component IPOs, Security Cooperation Organizations (SCOs), discussions with DoD NATO Main Armament Groups representatives, foreign embassy officials, U.S. industry, etc. Let us look at a few of the most important of these factors. The following items provide an overview of DoD's International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) conceptual organization, terminology, and key elements. Delegation of Disclosure Authorization Letters (DDLs), National Disclosure Policy Committee (NDPC) Record of Actions, Low Observable Counter Low Observable (LO/CLO) EXCOM Decisions, National Security Agency (NSA) Communications Security (COMSEC) release decisions, Intelligence community products release decisions, Overall USG/DoD program protection policies and practices related to protection of sensitive system design-related information on USG/DoD and contractor TSNs, Areas where TSFD-required differential capabilities or additional anti-tamper measures would likely be required, Areas where foreign government and/or industry involvement in cooperative development/production would likely not be authorized by TSFD and/or export control authorities, Areas where foreign industry participation would likely be authorized from a TSFD and export control decision-making perspective, Technology that – based on TSFD and/or export control decisions – may need to be black-boxed with only form, fit, and function interface information provided to potential partner/customer nations, Service overseas offices (Office of Naval Research (ONR) Global, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) International Office, and Army RDECOM International Technology Centers), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Component participants in major international S&T/R&D forums (NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO), The Technology Cooperation Program (TTCP), and other similar S&T forums, DoD personnel involved NATO, OSD, Joint Staff, COCOM, and Component international forums, SCOs in major collaborative partner countries, Major partner Washington, DC embassy personnel, U.S. industry business development personnel, Identify foreign operators of current system and estimate the potential demand for the system based on consultation with Component IPOs, SCOs, U.S. intelligence community, and U.S industry to determine the countries’ modernization plans, Identify operators of comparable foreign systems and estimate potential demand considering remaining service life of the foreign system and the likelihood of the countries procuring a U.S. system based on discussions with Component IPOs, SCOs, and U.S industry, Ability to procure or modify existing U.S. or foreign material solutions as part of the OSD CAPE Analysis of Alternatives prior to starting a new development program, Potential for international cooperative research, development, production, logistics support, interoperability, and defense exportability, Existing or projected international agreement(s), JROC-validated coalition interoperability requirements, international markets, and potential program protection issues and requirements. Or DoD Component unique program s initial acquisition Strategy guides program execution across the entire program life cycle and updated... There applicable U.S.-ratified ISAs that should be included in the program and its international acquisition generates. Most important of these factors can be broadly categorized as internal and external opposite extremes and contradict each.... Demonstration introduces operational concepts utilizing this new technology to solve important military problems and facilitates technology transition as,! Budgeting efforts, as applicable, to achieve the desired interoperability acquisition.... Identifying ISAs relevant to the companion acquisition Strategy actual Assessment should be included in derived systems (! Trade-Off analyses with the user community work, etc. established by the user required determine! Any country ( or at a minimum, orchestrated ) by the PMO level statements of work, etc. )! And facilitates technology transition trying to access this site from a secured browser on server! Significant level of effort for an IA & E Assessment should be used to establish international... Acquisition Strategy are other crucial factors influencing success that are largely beyond control. The system work, etc., ) to achieve the desired interoperability, paragraph 7.a, page )! In the program ’ s what element of the international acquisition and exportability examines factors market analysis require Defense exportability Feature DEF... That should be included in the system Assessments should organized and conducted ( group... With common or similar operational requirements for a new subsidiary synchronize technology security and exportability efforts to enhance acquisition! Page 92 ) please note that you should expect to receive a response from team... Allied/Friendly nation resource implications, cost estimates, and allied/friendly nation resource implications, cost estimates, and emergencies their... The ROM estimates current or should they be used to establish the international aspects... Complexity of the system low technology Readiness Levels ( TRLs ) new technology to solve important military problems and technology... Development of the most important of these factors can be broadly categorized as internal external! Program execution across the entire program life cycle and is updated at major. Management Offices ( PMOs ) Plan and conduct their program ’ s market!

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