how to invest in cattle stocks

Hi Ileana, if you own the land already it can be a great investment, you need to hire people you trust to take care of the cattle, we never had problems but the cowboys are very good. Set up in 2012 to allow those interested in investing in grazing livestock to do so with no risk. I like the idea of a tangible investment, real estate, land, livestock, something palpable, with all the crazy around stocks and shares, you may end up with a worthless piece of paper. Before we went traveling, BF needed some cash. It might have been through a larger distributor but it tasted gooooood. I am on the 6% bracket, which is easier to manage. Doing it physically requires being more hands on or knowing the right people. You might need to know your way around the stock market to buy shares. Yes you would need to buy the land (check out that interesting article from freedom thirty five about buying some farmland) , and land is expensive nowadays. I would get a better price by the pound. That’s awesome that you were able to make some money on it. Of course having it be halal would be a top priority. I’m really impressed by your initiative. Currently we have 120 heifers and 102 steers and of course our Herd sires (2 of them) get replaced every 2-3 years. Dont’ invest a dime without going to Brazil to look at the grasslands, ranch the whole set up. The cow never leaves the farmer’s farm, and a year later we get a freezer full of meat. Can u please get back to me (Little bro is in vet school). My investment has been perfect because I have been lucky. If you would, I could share with you how are our Plans, return of investment, where we are located and how we guarantee your investments in terms of legal procedures. Read: This is how much you can save by paying R100 extra towards your car each month. The deal was that I would pay for each calf that was weaned a set price and then we would keep them on his ranch, and split profit at the time of selling. I bet you save a lot on human resources. Some animals reach 1323 lbs (600 kg) during the grazing period.Your individual profits are recorded when we sell your animals at the Paraguay livestock auctions. Investing in live cattle is actually much easier than you might think, as the 3 steps below demonstrate: You sign the cattle program contract with us and fund your investment. I had bought that lot 15 months ago. He had a lot of space per head so he said yes. When the cattle has been purchased, it is transported to the farm management partner farms. The average calf weighted 770lbs. Its true that an investment in feeder cattle can be a great investment. We keep the animals on our farms until it they reach slaughter weight of >948 lbs (>430 kg). Interesting. my phone No.03417176593, Assalaamu Aleikum wa rahmatullaha wa barakatuhu. Invest in a friend’s start up or lemonade stand? But it has been a fun project so far. Pay the transport to the location. I’m curious if you had to sell them in the same country? I wish you contined success !! contact me at if you want to hear more about it. Knowing that you owe money can s ... Read more, Senior couple on desert road sitting on motorcycle Livestock Wealth is not the only South African app which allows you to invest in alternative and unique investments. Fascinating! Hi can you send me your number I want to see what you offering hereduced this is my number 07840811952 or wattapp me I know more about business return and figure I have. I am only afraid of a vet emergency, like they can’t give birth or something. Good work though! Your intentions were good in Any weight gain after that is split with the farmer. Now he also invests in cattle like you. My deal is that everything is being taken care of, in exchange for half of the profits. Even with a 1 to 2% shrink you will make good money. A shame really. It will cost you about $1200.00 to do that. You can trust me. Which stocks and shares you choose to purchase will depend on what specific commodity you fancy investing in. I don’t know anything about cattle, I just went with my guts on that one. I have never considered it because I don’t know anyone in the business that I could trust to do it with. In any case, thanks for sharing this info. While cattle have long been considered a source of wealth for many South Africans, investors are now choosing to buy into livestock directly. There are three employees looking after them. Helo sir I am zafar from pakistan. If you have any questions shoot me an email Im always willing to share info with a fellow rancher. I almost went into alpacas too! I am about to start the same. A lot of people in my area invest in cattle, or alpacas, etc. and the price was at an all time high, at $0.76, a 43% increase since January 2011. And having three employees overseeing the cattle in Guatemala doesn’t cost what having one employee in the US could cost. That is an excellent return and it sounds like things worked out perfectly for you (as you mentioned). Does someone else do all the work with taking care of them? I would do it for myself though, and stock up on delicious meat as soon as I buy a deep freezer (and electricity is connected…). Already, you can see that the numbers are high. of that can be tamed. when you sold them. Thanks for sharing. I never for a second have considered such type of investment. Merhaba bende türkiyedeyim burada bizim yerli ırk sığırlarımız var hastalıklara ve verimsiz mera şartlarına çok dayanıklı doğru melezlemeler yaparak oldukça verimli bir sığırcılık yapmak mümkün yatırımcı arıyorum ilgilenirseniz.

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