halt testing procedure

Unless you already have field failures on the same product, or one almost identical, it can be very hard to make a true time correlation. You should have more than one unit available for the testing, preferably one for each test of the series. Keep an open mind as you test, remembering that a product failure is not the same as a personal failure. The next logical test is thermal swings, combining the heat test with the cold test. Vibration, as opposed to temperature, needs to be handled in very small increments. <> Preparing for the HALT 3. Let’s see how. <> I’m sure that you can think of other severe circumstances that we tend to put electronics products through. (This is a family magazine – I’m sure that you’re familiar with the more common phraseology.) Ford Electronics, before becoming Visteon, reported publicly that 50% of failures of intermittent and would not have been caught without constant monitoring. If you have already run a heat step test and a vibration only test, you can more readily see which of the environments caused the failure or if it was the combination of environments. To paraphrase, if it can go wrong – it will go wrong. As a child I wanted to help bring peace to the world. The NEL HALT Procedure determines the critical points of product failure by applying stress to the device under testing conditions to cause failure, then making improvements to the device. The simple rule of thumb is:  the larger the product, or the more diverse components it has, the more thermocouples need to be used. HALT is actually a series of tests. Mergers may mean that you suddenly own equipment that you don’t know how to use. /ColorSpace/DeviceGray They are just as tightly monitored as HALT procedures, together lending manufacturers and engineers a complementary approach to best-in-class products. endstream >> Microsoft, for instance, after doing testing found that they could extend their warranty from one year to three on their mouse and still not worry about warranty issues. Is it as small as a PCB? Now you get to rely on your expertise once again. <> Now comes the fun part. endobj I decide to walk (we Michiganders are a hearty breed). 8 0 obj endobj Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) is a rigorous reliability test method that is used to expose product weaknesses. You are trying to learn what will happen when you combine thermal factors with the vibration. Better safe than sorry! You’ve got all of these numbers and failure times. %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz��������������������������������������������������������������������������� I love working with HALT. Early vibration and shock HALT tests aim to mimic the impacts of elements like product transportation, while more custom shock tests underscore the physical integrity of a product during brute-force scenarios. ��"�Z� �ņ?&�o�|��+غ�G�쒛f��.Ụ]6�7�-���Ӟ�1]C?X��?elx�ao�w�^@����2=�ն�?3A������r�� Environmental stresses are applied in a HALT procedure, eventually reaching a level significantly beyond that expected during use. HALT procedures vary from lab to lab but are typically performed similar to DES’s procedure which is summarized below. You’ve gotten through the easy tests, heat and cold. For manufacturers, products with robust stress defenses and fatigue endurance are less likely to face recalls, less likely to experience frequent warranty claims and more likely to reap long-term profits. It can be difficult to control very tightly, so we suggest starting a 2 g’s and moving up 2 g’s at a time. It’s not just in a manufacturer’s best interest to employ HASS and HALT procedures to build best-in-class products. Project. Probably not. That makes it a good starting point for doing testing. To them, that was considered enough of a “failure” in the product that they refused to ship it out to a customer. You’ve gotten done with the boring steps. ]c\RbKSTQ�� C''Q6.6QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ�� W W" �� �jj����7{��1���� a Here’s what the best HASS or HALT testing labs offer: You’re not just making a product — you’re engineering a solution. You can choose the size of the steps based upon your knowledge of the product. Studies conducted in accelerated reliability testing labs have shown that 32% of faulty components would go unnoticed without reliability planning procedures that include HALT and HASS testing. There is also a crowd who would rather debate semantics that get down to work. �0�c0�0&��لQ�p����>�`�3d�a��_0��>��eK�w�?���a�5@Cug���A{�Ƹz/��2m ��`�����=�0)�e�&a��3v�/+�YKa5,�5�,V��XKd�,���\V̢Y7Kg����AH� HALT testing is primarily used during the product design phase to reveal any defects and make the product more rugged and reliable. As an adult I found that it is hard to make such widespread changes. How do you go about doing this? Once you’ve decided which environment, how do you start? 1 0 obj You may find this same result while you are doing your swing test with vibration. Decide how many devices (known as samples) are available for testing. endobj You need to beat your competitor to market, but make sure that your product is going to last. If you have field failures and can reproduce them in the lab under certain stresses and a given amount of time, the answer is yes. Related Resources: The HALT testing process works through a serious of tightly monitored, administered stress tests. We are not the coldest winter state, but it is very typical to get a wind chill of -40°C at least once every winter. Let’s take a minute to review what HALT is, and what HALT isn’t. stream Last but not least, a HALT tester will perform a combined stress test that merges any of the stimuli from above. �!6*?�8*�E��aS�#~��(HbI8�(A%����`bL����6! If you want to learn more about HALT, look into groups like the IEEE AST (Advanced Stress Testing) group, take a seminar, and look into user groups. Others will want to get all of the way to a hard failure. Their first hard failure came at only 2°C above laboratory ambient. You’ve already done cold, heat, and vibration. These guidelines are purposefully broad and logistical in nature. A typical HASS test will audit for the following: 1. Services Available for HALT/HASS Testing You’ve already learned more about your product, and about the responses of your other team members. It’s important to know that there is more to it than just pushing the “Run” button on the computer. It’s important to note a few measures shape the way these HALT procedures occur. Now what do you do? Develop a test plan based on Physics of Failure(PoF), clearly defining objectives, expected environments and sample availability. Develop a HASS profile and its subassemblies. It’s time to use heat and vibration together to test your product out. << Using the data that you learned from your heat plus vibration test, apply the same principles to your thermal swings plus vibration. HASS testing utilizes many of the same procedures and stimuli HALT tests do. Some companies are using extremely cold temperatures to “de-stress” equipment that will go into a high vibration area. In the older definition of ambient, it is the chamber temperature around the product at any given time. Then get started.

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