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A short description is presented for each winery. We’ll eat, we’ll drink, but we will sleep hungry) and even the word Karagiozis is used as an insult (something like a clown). These small snacks make for an ideal appetizer or little bite to enjoy when you are hungry but can’t sit down for a proper meal. Please add The shipment arrived very well packaged in an insulated box. The owner will find even the most obscure icon for you! There is a unique store at 20 Voukourestiou, called “Mati”, which carries a huge variety of traditional folk art, but is best known for its handcrafted evil-eye glassware and charms. Parthenon Foods is home to the largest selection of imported foods in the world! 2. Biscuits, Cookies & Rusks. The mati-charm, according to Greek tradition, will protect you and your beloved ones from any bad glares and send the evil thoughts back to the onlooker. You may always unsubscribe. Furthermore, you can buy delicious olives from the market (laiki agora), where you can taste them before you buy, while handmade kitchenware from olive tree wood are an excellent souvenir choice. Bottarga, in a powder presentation, allows you to add that fabulous flavor to any dish in just a pinch. Greek Chewing Gum. "I first discovered Lemon and Vine's Meat Pastichio at my local grocery. The variety is so great, you don’t know what to choose, but the shop owners will help you, giving you to taste a few so as to help you make up your mind. You can buy different coloured porcelain sets with 24k gold overlay, decorated with classical Greek images or male and female names, as well as various places in Greece. He has influenced Greek folklore so much that probably all of Greece knows him, while characteristic phrases are used in Greek daily speech (eg. Greeks also believe that ouzo cures many illnesses and is used as medicine for flue, menstruation and toothache. There, you'll learn the way Greek coffee should be made and they have great blends there too. Fair warning: this hearty snack is very filling. Holly tracked my delivery personally and sent me several emails during the two day delivery process. Olive oil soap originated in Greece on the island of Crete and is now one of the most popular soap types available, especially for sensitive skin. Also, in the south of the country, in a place called Nafplio, there is a Komboloi Museum. There is a long range of beauty products made from olive oil, including hand cream, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel containing this precious ‘elixir’ of life. Loukoumades are sweet, delicious balls of fried dough—similar to doughnut holes—that are dipped in syrup or chocolate and come drizzled with honey, cinnamon, and other toppings. Sweet cheeses, like manouri and fresh myzithra, are most often used to create some of the best desserts this side of the Parthenon! If you would like to know more about cookies and how to manage them please view our privacy & cookie policy. The name is borrowed from the Turkish Karagöz, meaning dark eye. In the Psirri district you will find specialty cheese stores selling various cheeses from all over Greece. The original flokati rug is an off-white colour, although many different colours are also available to suit diverse tastes. Apart from being usually of very good quality they are also comfortable to wear and very convenient during summer time in Greece. The Bouzouki Shop has been a family-owned business for 35 years. Special Offer. Mastiha Products - A variety of products made from a natural ingredient originated on the Greek island of Chios, renowned for its medicinal properties and distinctive taste. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the top things to buy in Greece. receive a 10% off coupon and 50 reward points! © 2020 Gourmet Food Store, LLC. This natural resin obtained from the mastic trees of Chios island (Pistacia lentiscus) is actually the world’s first chewing gum and it has been used since Greek Antiquity for its medicinal and pharmaceutical qualities. It symbolizes peace and prosperity, while in ancient Athens it has also a sacred symbolic meaning, due to its connection with the goddess Athena. Greek wine and spirits have taken a giant leap onto the international market over the last decade, yet it can still be difficult to find a specific variety you might have sampled while on vacation when you get back home. The number of beads used to make kombolois are generally odd. Brettos was a family-owned distillery and is apparently the oldest in Athens. In 2017, brothers Thomas and George Douzis opened the first Ergon deli in Thessaloniki. Includes Premium Chicken, Authentic Feta Cheese, Tart Lemon Juice, Fresh Ricotta Cheese. See more ideas about Greek snacks, Greek recipes, Food. Bouzouki is one of the top Greek instruments of the lute ("tamboura" in Greek) family. Source: Truevoyagers. Every Greek kafeneio is filled with men playing this beloved Greek game - tavli. The bold flavor of Greek Kalamata olives really shines in this traditional tahini-based hummus. The most popular Greek tea, known as mountain tea, is made of the dried leaves and flowers of the Sideritis plant (ironwort). This decadent pastry dipped in honey or syrup and containing nuts, be it pistachios or walnuts, is best savored with a cup of coffee or tea but is great for a sweet breakfast or afternoon treat. Take, for example, a spaghetti measurer. Self guided walk is the SAFEST way to sightsee while observing SOCIAL DISTANCING! Pasta layered with rich beef, lamb and tomato baked in a light, creamy custard. If you want a smaller and less expensive option they also have miniature ones! Wafers. Other sweet treats include Ion chocolate, mantolata (sugar coated almonds), pasteli (sesame seed and honey bars), nougat, ouzo candy, and loukoumia (flavoured Turkish delight) to name just a few. close : This website uses cookies to offer you the best experience online. And if you ever get a chance to visit Greece, you will have a wonderful time enjoying hearty and satisfying dishes. Greek Olives. Loukoumi. Greek food is known the world over for being healthy and delicious. A common practice in Greece! Greeks are fanatical about football (soccer), and you will find a perfect gift for some die-hard soccer fan in your midst with a cap, jersey, sweatshirt or scarf blazoned with the Olympiakos (the most successful club in Greek football history), Panathinaikos (shares a great and long-standing rivalry with Olympiakos) or AEK (another major Greek football club) logos. Lemon and Vine obviously care about providing a good product and making a customer happy. Choose from evil eye pendants, bracelets, charms and earrings. In the back streets of Monastiraki, towards Thissio district, there are selected football stores selling gifts of all sorts, supporting major Greek teams. Earn 50 Reward Points by liking/following us: Discover Gourmet Food Store's amazing selection of Greek food ingredients and gifts for sale. Delivery time: Greece 1-4 working days, Rest of the world 4-6 working days. They are excellent gift ideas or for yourself to enjoy at home. Another good store in Egaleo, not far from Athens central; it also includes a workshop. We supply wholesalers and the food industry as well as running an online shop for retail customers to buy some of their favourite Greek products. Greece is well-known for its quality silver products. Greek loukoumi with mastic flavor in the official Mastiha shop in Athens. A creamy spread made with tahini and roasted Florina red peppers for a smoky touch. This means that no other EU member nation can use the name, and that these cheeses must meet processing and location of origin standards. The Acropolis hill is also called the "Sacred rock" of Athens, as it was home to temples and churches throughout recorded history. Flokati rugs are shaggy and warm and would give any living room an inviting cosy feel! This is a family-owned business and is open from 9:00am - 9:00pm Tue, Thu, Fri, and from 9:00am - 6:00pm Mon, Wed, Sat and Sun. Greek Pasta, Orzo, Semolina, and Chilopites. Explore the most Instagram-worthy spots of Athens under the guidance of a local expert! Greek mountain tea is credited with a wide range of health benefits, and most Greek homes have a good supply of it on hand. Includes Premium Ground Lamb and Beef, Vine-Ripened Tomatoes, Aromatic Mint, and Red Wine. Cookies, biscotti and coffee cake-style cakes are … Another online shop with a wide range of products in stock, Akros sources theirs mainly from artisan producers, and focuses on healthy food products free from preservatives and additives, with high nutritional value. Opening hours are split shifts three days a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – 9:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.) and morning shifts for the other three days (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday – 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.). 877.220.4181. With high nutritional value, pasteli is available virtually anywhere from small kiosks to supermarkets and delicatessen shops and is a perfect alternative to energy bars. The main character is a poor Greek during the ottoman-rule, representing the common folk, and the themes of the plays are satirical, historical, social and political. Greek Dried Goods -Crunchy little somethings from Greece: authentic local pistachios, jumbo white Greek dried figs, and currants. Savory beef and lamb entree sized meatballs baked in rich red wine tomato sauce. Today locals at nine Greek locations and in three European cities have embraced Ergon, not just as a place to shop but also enjoy brunch and mezes. Amber and coral beads are generally the ones preferred stung on a silk cord. Carefully selected appetizers (tzatzíki, dolmádes, kalamarákia) can constitute a full meal. There is a great shop in the Kolonaki district, Leventi 7, called Miseyiannis café. It’s an acquired taste and served in an espresso style coffee cup. Rich and delicious Greek sardines marinated in a blend of fine extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil. Greek Candy, Snacks and Deserts. Source: Truevoyagers. Thank you for joining. Would you like to create your own souvenirs rather than buy them? Greek Coffee, Nescafe Frappe and Greek Tea. Feta tops the list of Greek cheeses. Greek Candies. Greek coffee is sold in many places around Athens, but this store knows their coffee! Prices here are reasonable and you can find a decent tavli set for as little as 20 euro. to make sure you receive your 10% off coupon.

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