golden melon minecraft

Glistering Melons are an item that is crafted by placing eight gold nuggets and a melon slice in the crafting interface (1 nugget before 13w23a). The name is not a misspelling of "glistening" — glistering is an English word meaning to shine or glisten. It can replace redstone in the brewing recipe for a mundane potion. Fortune increases the maximum number of melon slices dropped (the actual amount is capped at 9, so Fortune … Silk Touch causes the block itself to drop. They are used mainly for brewing potions with the instant health effect. They can also be obtained as a reward in the Season 6 Prize Map. Melon golems are found in grass and pond tappables with an uncommon rarity and a chance of 1.1% from grass tappables, and 1.8% from pond. They cannot be created by placing a full melon on top of two vertically stacked snow blocks, differing them from their snow golem counterparts. A melon drops 3–7 melon slices when broken by hand, using tools, or by the movement of a piston.

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