goku vs saitama

Wiz: Anyway, as the two crossed paths, Crablante spared Saitama because he said he had cold, lifeless eyes like him. Goku blocks the attack, but it severely damages him. Goku turns back to normal, and teleports away. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Hold up! O maior canal Nerd, Geek e Otaku do Brasil. He could potentially wish for enough power to beat Saitama or, because Goku believes in fairness and hard work to an incredible degree, at least wish for a trainer who can teach him the right skills to beat Saitama. Wiz: And they had themselves a king named Vegeta. An utterly, deep-rooted instinct to wake him up from his mundaneness. Which means that the "story" of the fight between Goku and Saitama will make Saitama as strong as he needs to be to get the win. And if Saitama needs to boost that fisting power, he has the Consecutive Normal Punch, a punch that hits multiple times, it decapitated an anthropomorphic Lion and it can harm Lord Boros. How would the fight go in the Dragon Ball universe? Now you can say half of it was Beruus so it doesn’t count but remember the dragon ball universe has a afterlife and a kaioshin realm that are equal in size to its physical universe. Dragon Ball VS One Punch Man! Checkout our privacy policy for the full story on how we protect and manage your submitted data! And there punches where affecting the entire macrocosm. Now we have the question was he trying? There is even a specific episode where he uses a gravity machine to train under 100 times gravity and reached 10,000 situps. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Goku 3 - Saitama 2! To say this, Goku is the true hope for the universe! Saitama’s great at making these kinds of situations work for him in battle. Boomstick: Looks like Saitama was beated by the One Punch Saiyan! Saitama punches Speed of Sound Sonic in the balls. Which means Saitama will try for the first time, and we'll see what he's really made of. Wiz: Anyways, Saitama was told by Crablante that if he found a child with a butt-chin, he would kill the child because the child had drawn nipples on him. Wiz: Some other famous techniques of his include the Destructo Disk, Instant Transmission, which takes time to do, and the Kamehameha, which is a giant blue beam and is Goku's most famous attack. He finds new people to train with (sometimes old enemies) and just continues to get stronger until he’s able to take out his opponent. This technique has been shown to have power on par with the Dragon Ball universe's gods (especially important if Saitama enters the Dragon Ball universe at god level), and gives Goku a huge boost in speed and strength. What do you think? Saitama’s entire attitude is based on the fact that he wanted to be a hero so he worked really, really hard to do it. Goku and Saitama then start trading blows for a while, moving around like they were teleporting before Saitama managed to get a lucky hit, knocking Goku into the air. Despite this massive gap between their basic DNA structure, Saitama displays as much strength as a regular Saiyan without any effort. Would Goku's fighting experience, Mastered Ultra Instinct state, and Goku's desire to win bring him to victory? Wiz: Serious Tableflip allows Saitama to dig his hands under the ground and literally flip the pavement 360 degrees. Goku is a Saiyan, which gives him otherworldly alien powers, allowing him to max out his power and then continue training to max out at another level again. He experiences everything an average human does and ages with time. Boomstick: Planet Vegeta, a peaceful home of the alien warriors called the Saiyans.

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