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I would usually get really mad, but I couldn't help but to laugh at what just happened. The true star of this episode is this slap-happy Mr. Gueermo, “I didn’t forget you bitch!”. if used exact, the two missiles obtainable are fairly sensible besides. 29.9m members in the AskReddit community. i choose dedede for fun, my partner was a bowser and our opponents were a pk trainer and toon link. it was very hilarious. Get your answers by asking now. Don’t forget to always have a towel handy! Who is more stylish between the two of you? No matter how annoying he is, he will always win. host Alex Trebek's widow thanks fans for support, What Trump's defeat means for global populism, Short lockdown could halt virus spike: Biden adviser, Blank ballots: 'I could not give my vote to either person'. Of the Coon and Friends 3-part episode saga, this one was the best. Answer Smash. And even though the plane isn’t taking off, they won’t let you back off the plane. I think Dr. Mario dealt some damage to Roy (or whoever), then Captain Falcon knocked his *** out. So, what are you waiting for, let’s get started with some interesting newlywed game questions: After a hectic marriage, the best way to lighten up the mood is by enjoying some fun moments, here we have compiled some funny newlywed game questions that will bring a smile on everyone’s face: Let’s get a bit personal, you can choose to ask a few questions in private and others for the public. If you got this far in the list and didn’t expect “Scott Tenorman Must Die” would be number 1, we’re more shocked than you. South Park‘s newest season has proved that after this many seasons, it’s still at the top of it’ game. Who behaves more like a baby when fallen sick? What does your partner like you to wear while you make out? ---------------- Pikachu didn't move at all so me and Falcon were just trying to KO him for free points. This thread brought to you by a tremendous dickhead! Has your partner ever worn your T-shirt by mistake? Does your partner love the road trips or is fond of stay at home? Who is a social media freak between the two of you? Again, you might have to do some research before answering. I got knocked out. I was playing as Ike. Who apologizes for the forts between the two of you? You don’t watch South Park because you don’t want to be offended, you watch South Park to see just how offensive they can be. Ike is possibly the main useful character interior the interest, on the fee of velocity, ike can unquestionably do a lot of harm, without ever being hit. Where would you like to have your honeymoon- on the beaches or in the mountains? We were barely even fighting. :p. Lol when i was Kirby and someelse was Kirby and we were imatating eachother XD it was funny cause the other 2 were doing nothing but fighting eachother not even attacking us! My next entry of today's Answer Smash Panels. RD.COM Arts & Entertainment Books Children's Books, Q: The first thing Queen Elizabeth II did upon ascending the throne was to …. Category Artwork (Digital) / Human. If that isn’t enough, Ike being taken over by the ghost of Michael Jackson and doing the moonwalk takes the cake. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Another question was how many chickens wings were eaten in USA during the Superbowl final and answer given was 191 million. Which coloured clothes your partner wears the most? When the kids can’t play World of Warcraft because some butthole keeps killing them, they decide to team up, never leave their houses, and find a way to kill the dude. Dirty Ice Cream fucked around with this message at 00:04 on Sep 20, 2003, Lowtax thankfully deleted my stupid loving sig file, Char-Broil fucked around with this message at 00:12 on Aug 30, 2003, AnarchicBunny fucked around with this message at 00:16 on Aug 30, 2003, Hoffbonics fucked around with this message at 00:24 on Aug 30, 2003. A: The mice are very important—without them, you’d have only the men. General Rating. Answer Smash Quiz [10 questions inspired by 'House of Games'] 0 comments. “Pizza, french fry, pizza, french fry!” South Park is the reason we know how to ski, because if you pizza when you should have french fried, you’re gonna have a bad time! Who has a better chance of falling asleep while making out? South Park loves it’s 3-part episodes and Imaginationland started strong and ended with a bang. Is there any software or capture device needed. In an attempt to have the world see South Park as a legitimate town, Stan’s dad Randy has the brilliant idea to build up and create SodaSopa, with these amazing commericals. What’s that one special thing about your partner that you can never forget? But, while South Park has offended people since 1997, it’s also been making people laugh for just as long. we were on the phone... and then LOL I shoooted... but as the same time im running i slip and fall and wolf escaped and it killed fox...and then wolf and me sparred then the bombs start falling it hits me and i go flying up... then i thought i was dead... but then all of a sudden a bomb went on him he flew up and hit the screen and dies... i won THAT WAS HILARIOUS IMO! For the past 3 weeks or so, I have been compiling the funniest ones I have been receiving for the sole purpose of sharing to you how funny some of these are. When it comes to keeping the room clean, who is better at it? Seconds later I knocked Captain Falcon out. (I can talk about Melee right?) It's the final round and the players take on the iconic end game where they have to "smash" a picture and then a written question together to make one answer. There will never be a greater line in an episode than “I made you eat your parents!” This episode reigns supreme over all the others because it’s a firm reminder to never, ever fuck with Eric Cartman. I ended up writing the name of a smash repairer around the corner from where I live. A Bom-omb was fall close to me and I jumped and performed the Dolphin Splash to reach the platform on the lower level, BUT it was too short to reach the ledge and I fell to my doom! save. Usually, he’s very cute and speaks in broken sentences, as he’s only in kindergarten, but in this episode Kyle notices his brother is starting to change. So, quirk up the environment by these newlywed game questions: These newlywed game questions are the best way to know how well you know about your partner and what he/she prefers. 0 Comments. 3 Favorites. What confirmed that he/she is the right person for you? How does your partner prefer to make out- lights on or in the dark? if used exact, the two missiles obtainable are fairly sensible besides. It was me and Ice Climbers and no one dared to get close to each other! Because it’s Cartman after he’s kicked out of Coon and Friends (and his own house basically), he decided to befriend Cthulhu, because why the fuck not? We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), the ridiculous things people believed as kids, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Q: On what grounds was Aaron Burr tried for treason? The funniest thing that happend was when me and my friends were in sudden death and Pit was off the edge and he was flying, then I threw a Mr. Saturn at Ness and Ness used his base ball bat and hit Mr. Saturn, Mr. Saturn then hit pit when he was flying and Pit died xD, I still think mine is the funniest so far ;). How would you like to dress up for the night? Answers. he has a extensive swing, and rapid moving, great distance assaults, such because of the fact the down, or left/perfect specials. When was the first time you got intimate with your partner? Which was the last movie that both of you saw together? Powered by, 100+ Sweet & Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend, Amazing Icebreakers Activities for Women’s Gathering, 50+ Intriguing Philosophical Questions To Ask. Ok i was facing falco and i had meta knight and i hit of the stage and he was doing that fire charge thing were je jumps back on and i had a poke ball and i threw it thing that he died but he didnt but the poke ball went and hit him ih the head and he just shot back and died, I had the baseball bat (i was blue kirby) and as i charged it up my friends moved right torward me and just right before i hit them pickachoo comes over and as soon as he touches the ground i hit all three of them and they all died it was pretty funny (ike,pink kirby, pickachoo). In an effort to go to his favorite restaurant ever, Casa Bonita, Cartman tries to show Kyle he’s a good person (which Kyle obviously don’t believe) so then he convinces Butters it’s the end of the world and hides him away. Can you pass this elementary school math test? in the world of South Park, Mr. Hankey is SP‘s mock on Mickey Mouse and while we love Disney, we kind of love Mr. Hankey just as much and we always believed in him, like Kyle. If you would want to reveal one secret of yours to your partner, what would it be? You all would have heard about the popular,  The Newlywed Game. each circulate he has will deliver the enemy flying, and he can unquestionably KO with a up attack or the two area assaults. it hit the ivysaur and bounced into toon link. Can you click the space bar 300 times in 1 minute? You’re welcome. We recommend our users to update the browser. Between the two of you who is likely to get handcuffed by the police? we played the 2 minutes and it was sudden death. Plase help. She said, “bake them a cake!” As High School Musical fever was at an all time high, South Park chimed in with their thoughts on the phase and as an HSM lover, we think they nailed it with this one. And Bowser's husband <3. The funniest brawl moment i had was when i threw a bummer on one side of the Final destination stage and then accidentally dropped another near the one at the edge and i was stuck because the bummers kept on hitting me and i couldn't move until one disappeared and then i died before i could figure out what the hell was going on. Cartman overshoots his plans, because Butters forgets about him, and winds up 500 years in the future with atheists and otters that will “smash your skull like a clam on my tummy!”. 9. Who is a cry baby between the two of you? He was in the closet and South Park dragged him the hell out. i did a random team battle online. In case you’re like us, and one good episode of South Park makes you want to binge-watch all of them, you can stream every single episode online. After how many years of marriage you wish to have a child? Featuring Randy the Newb, Butters’s love for Hello Kitty Island Adventure, and Cartman shitting in a bucket that his mother holds, this is South Park as we expect it. What was the weirdest/funniest answer you ever put on a test? i no, im kinda copying the other question like this, but it DOESNT HAVE TO BE SOCCER OR SPORT, just the funniest thing youve seen. A: When you leave the gravy out too long, it congenials. But, while South Park has offended people since 1997, it’s also been making people laugh for just as long.

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