fresh mint hot chocolate

Earlier this month, Seattle Chocolates reached out to tell me about their #ChocolateGives campaign this holiday season. I had no obligations to write a post or create a recipe, but I was really impressed with Seattle Chocolate’s quality and range of products. We are still tweaking our version — 54%, 60%, 85%? That’s it. Peppermint extract can be very strong! Their are things I want to accomplish, but I usually just try to start them when I realize that it needs doing 😉, I want to dig into that bottle full of chocolate right now!! To make this mint infused hot chocolate, place milk and cream in a pot and bring it to a simmer. I have a lactose free husband. Do you make resolutions or goals at the start of the new year? Homemade hot chocolate is super simple to make. What are you hoping for in 2012? At the last minute, add in peppermint extract and powdered sugar. Reflect. Wishing you & yours a very happy New Year 🙂, I loved your story about love. I weighed the chocolate both times, no idea why the first was soupier, but it’s all good. To balance out the sweet milk chocolate, I also added chopped 72% dark chocolate. Learn how you can help here. The big ones take time to melt which is nice but the small ones melt fast and give you that POW taste right away. I absolutely love this time of year (as I listen to my She & Him Pandora station while I work…) xo friend. The chocolate is chopped in rough 1/2″ chunks. Love the idea of giving homemade base as a gift – something other than cookies! I’m savoring every peppermint scented minute of it but I really am looking forward to spending some time alone and with my husband to focus on what we hope for in the coming year. pinch of salt: whipped cream The Little Epicurean contains paid advertising banners and sponsored posts. I’m hoping that it will chill to something a little more solid, or I may just have to start over without the milk as mentioned in the comments. I will require mint hot chocolate at said meeting 🙂. Classically trained pastry chef. In a small bowl, beat cream until it begins to thicken. Slowly whisk in chocolate milk until well blended; heat but do not boil. You can adjust the mintiness easily by adding less or more candy cane. (Don't worry, if you're already subscribed you won't get duplicates. Yes, you can buy After Eight hot chocolate but I don’t like the ingredients and it also doesn’t come by itself, you have to purchase a whole box of other kinds as well. I love love loved it. I love hot chocolate and curling up with a big cup of chocolate in the evening. Cover the pot and let the mint steep. Ooh this is such a great idea, it saves you from doing the chopping every time you want a cup of hot chocolate. Stir a few times with a whisk during cooking. Did I mention that before? Not the same thing at all, my friends. This is insanely amazing!! Once mint has steeped, bring milk mixture back to a simmer. In order to get the most flavor out of mint, it’s best to bruise them. A time to reflect on all that had happened the previous year and to anticipate what is yet to come. Seattle Chocolate Meltaway Mint Truffle Bar, roughly chopped. Pour into mugs; top with mini marshmallows if desired. And now as we begin to reflect on the past year we can look back over those goals made nearly 365 days ago and see how far we’ve come and how incredibly blessed we are. My expectations of attending a fancy party and drinking champagne while ringing in the new year are often smashed with the reality of the near impossibility of finding a babysitter on December 31st, I’m no good at partying hard and late into the night, and I’m still tired from the previous week’s holidays to pay much attention to another party. Looks so good…. Stir or whisk to combine until chocolate melts. Enter your email below to get our recipes sent to your inbox when a new one is published! Share a photo of what you made on Instagram or Facebook and tag me @thekitchenmagpie or hashtag it #thekitchenmagpie. Top hot chocolate with whipped cream and fresh mint leaves. Thanks Sarah! They recently released a mint mocha/hot chocolate for the Holiday season and I am obsessed with it. The amount is really based on taste. Add the milk, heavy cream, chocolate chips and cocoa paste to the slow cooker, set to low for one hour. I think I might just take your suggestion and make jars of the ganache for gifts this year! You'll love the tasty minty flavor. My husband is obsessed with mint hot chocolate and I have really struggled to find one that doesn’t break the bank and tastes good Can’t wait to try this!!! Ashley, your off-hand comment last year that ganache makes a great cocoa base revolutionized my cocoa-making. Hot chocolate is one of the best parts of this time of year, too 😉. Any Amazon links found on this site are affiliate links. Taste and add more peppermint extract if needed. From November 1st until the end of the year, for every item purchased online/in stores and each #ChocolateGives post, Seattle Chocolates will donate a serving of fresh food to a local food bank. @Steph – It’s about 8-9 oz. ). Most of all, I love helping YOU get dinner ready because there's nothing more important than connecting with our loved ones around the dinner table! Strain mint and reheat to a simmer. 5 sprigs fresh mint (more or less depending on desired mint flavor – this will give a pronounced flavor but not overpowering), 1 1/2 cups (about 9 oz) chopped dark chocolate. Try this slow-cooker hot chocolate for an easy way to serve a crowd. With a spatula, scrape out mixture into a small serving bowl. Did you weigh the chocolate? If unfrozen the consistency is a bit off try blending in a food processor to bring it back together. Hot cocoa can be keep on the warm setting for several hours, but will need to be whisked a few times as it forms a skin on top. You simply must have know that I would move onwards and up from my basic How To Make Hot Chocolate Mix and start concocting all sorts of devilish, delightful hot chocolates with it, yes? I have several other summer drink recipes that will quench your thirst on the hottest day of the year. My personal favorites are the Extreme Dark Truffle, Pike Place Espresso, and Kris Kringle Crackle (it’s dark chocolate with sea salt and half-popped popcorn!). Pour hot milk over chopped chocolate. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Also, I’m definitely going to make this mint hot chocolate. Bring the cream and milk to a simmer. Yumma!!!! I’m thinking Andes chocolate mints. I’ll eventually get there :). It might sound a bit strange, but mint is good in drinks in the summer. *Here’s another great idea – By simply adding a bit more milk and cream and having marshmallows and sugar cookies on hand you have the makings of a fine fondue. Check out for the recipe. This hot chocolate is so fresh looking! Your ganache looks DIVINE. And being Scottish I do love New Year….and yes it is all about refelction & fresh starts. I’ve never made anything like this before, so any help is greatly appreciated! When things start winding down in the next week or so I plan to review my vision board and scribbled notes and meanderings that I’ve collected throughout the year on personal goals… I love this time of year for this reason, among others. Oh. Oh my! Thanks to ads on this website, readers of The Kitchen Magpie are now sponsoring 2 families a month through the Edmonton Food Bank. I have to try this ASAP. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Since we use milk powder, you don't need to use milk. The key is to find some great mint chocolate chips and I love the Superstore PC Brand. All rights reserved. In a small saucepan, melt the mints over low heat. Well, twice is not too many times. my. It sounds like the perfect cup of hot chocolate. I bet this would be lovely in a latte as well 🙂 Gorgeous photos! Beautiful. Start with less, add more to taste. @Ashley: I made the ganache again today, without the 1/2 cup milk, and it’s perfect. I like big chunks that take a while to melt. I’m glad you’re happy with the flavor! Last year my husband and I made some very lofty visions for our family at the start of the year. If you don't, use crushed candy canes instead. Thanks Jen! Karlynn Facts: I'm allergic to broccoli. If you have more will power than I, bottle up some of this mix and give it as a gift. Mine turned out more fondue than ganache. @Darlynne – It should set up in the fridge a bit. Add the ganache (chocolate and cream mixture) to a container and refrigerate until ready to use. Cover with lid and let steep for 10-15 minutes. — and now you’ve gone and added another variable to the mix! Your photos are extremely delicious. A friend recently said to me that her favorite holiday is New Years. Copyright © The Kitchen Magpie®. 1/2 cup whole milk. You need real chocolate, not something called “Baking Chips”. When I was younger and single, there was the possibility of finding love. The mint holding its own outside has me stumped…now I know what to do with it! Also, I used a mix of half bar chocolate and half bittersweet chocolate chips because it’s what I had. To use: Add the hot chocolate powder to taste in a cup of hot water. 1/2 -1 teaspoon peppermint extract I used 3/4 teaspoon. Swirl it around as it is melting. And you and your husband seem like an awesome team. Do good and help others, plus have your mint hot chocolate, too! I know it’s early, but happy new year to you! You also know that I love mint and chocolate (like my Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies) and to be honest, we have a hard time finding mint hot chocolate here in Canada and to add to that difficulty, mint hot chocolate without hydrogenated oil in it. With the back of a wooden spoon carefully bruise the mint in the cream mixture to release some of the essential oils. A hint of coolness, oh i simply can’t resist! Top servings with whipped cream and chocolate leaves. It looks so rich. Plus, get exclusive recipes, tips, and previews through our weekly newsletter.

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