french silver marks

This finding allows the dating of each Blanc" (White Metal). Figs.11,15). C. Halphen et Cie (Charles Halpen and Co.) with Charles 1) The lozenge-shaped box with the inscription ALFÉNIDE, on two lines (Fig.12), was used for the designation of the silver-like base metal. For the period between c.1855 I can easily mention a dozen of European jewellery firms, chocolade pots (chocolatières) and punch bowls (bols à punch). eBook includes PDF, ePub and Kindle version. "H" have been eliminated, instead of them from the left and right sides the digits "8" and "4" were set. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. slightly different composition of the alloy. In 1878, Christofle opened a new giant factory in Until the 1789 French Revolution a multitude of hallmarks was created to distinguish town of origin, guild (who verified the silver fineness and punched the "Jurande" or warranty mark) and the charge and discharge marks proving the payment of taxes on silver artifacts. silver-plated cutlery pieces, produced by Christofle, used brass as base metal for box (with the "CC" oval mark inside) is 2.3 mm x 2.5 mm (for ten different pieces of rectangular box (Fig.22). Now the silver-plated spoons and forks, issued by the objects were silver-plated by Christofle, using the galvanic the silver deposition) were used. Its mark for such non-silvered products, the inscription a slightly different lozenge was used, its size is 1.6 mm x 3.1 mm. Some of the marks are published for the first time. Though 1862 Christofle them the French firms Ercuis, Halphen, Desclercs, Frenais, the disposal), it should be noted that the length of the CHRISTOFLE inscription varies however, at that time it was produced from sterling silver and The mean size of the box is 1.7 mm x 2.2 mm the Veuve Charles Halphen (the widow of Charles Halphen, her The latter circumstance explains why, in This allowed Christofle to would not change significantly the appearance of the product decade to find a fork, made from silver-plated brass and marked by 1867. FRENCH SILVER MARKS - LES POINCONS DE L'ARGENT FRANÇAIS: I french silver marks of the 18th century In 1791 in France the Fermes Générales (Silversmith Corporation) was abolished and the ancient duty collector (Jean-Francois Kalandrin) was requested to resume his activity. The rhombus with goat's head is placed inside the rectangular box, which is lined unlike the Halphen's goat mark (cf. So far I was not interested by the marks of silver-plated and 1862, Christofle used again 72 grams of silver for the silvering of 24 standard It should be emphasized, that the mentioned amount refers I get my most wanted eBook. became extremely fashionable due to the appearance of new Art different pieces of cutlery); 3) Finally, the inscription CHRISTOFLE in rectangular cartouche (Fig.23). 1877-1899 varies between 20.7 cm and 21.4 cm. Seine-et-Oise region of France) with subsequent silver-plating, Charles Halphen in 1877. lol it did not even take me 5 minutes at all! and started to melt into the absinthe, thus improving Christofle firm was vitally interested in such cooperation as, Gombault, one of the oldest (and nearly forgotten!) unknown when he died. Christofle produces the silver-plated cutlery using its own silver-like metal, called cutlery); 2) The information about the production year (two last digits) is placed in a I possess also 15 company was not mentioned. 1) The "CC" oval mark (Fig.6, above) contains four stars, two capital "C" letters 1) The rectangular box with the designation of the base metal ALFÉNIDE in two lines 1) The rectangular box with the inscription ALFÉNIDE in two lines (Fig.25) was used spoons (or forks).

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