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Grayson is nice looking but “Fred” really caught my eye. He also bought the house where Jane and Stacy live so he can keep an eye on Jane. What do you think it is about DROP DEAD DIVA that really connects with the fans then? We’ll have to see… I’m hoping that Fred will somehow make a, perhaps, heroic appearance in an episode down the road. I LOVE the new angel! This guy is cruel and smug and pushy. Luke is a guardian angel sent to replace Fred to oversee Jane. So there’s a little tension there, and it creates some funny moments. Carter MacIntyre as Luke Daniels (13 episodes) Josh Stamberg as Jay Parker (13 episodes) … So far, I have loved this show! Carter MacIntyre: I would say in a very kind of general way they’re almost polar opposites. He’s kind of hedonistic in a weird way, which is pretty much the opposite, I think, of Fred (Ben Feldman), who was kind of more like a lost boy. gorgeous, all i kept thinking was he would make a great Christian Grey from What was it about this particular role that interested you to be a part of the show? She’s having trouble getting away from me, even though she might want to, because we’ll find in going forward that we have slightly different agendas and there’s a little conflict between — I don’t want to reveal too much — but there’s going to be some conflict there between Jane and Luke with how they want her to kind of proceed going forward with her life. Will this mesmerize the viewers or will they end up losing their fans? Luke is shallow and comes across and bigoted and threatening. It’s just narrow minded and quite honestly off-putting. And there’s some tension there with Jane because Luke is always there and he’s very capable, he’s a very capable guardian angel, so he’s always going to figure out a way, unless she can outsmart him, to be there watching over her and pushing his own agenda with her. DROP DEAD DIVA: Carter MacIntyre on Playing the ‘Devilish’ New Guardian Angel, Luke, GMMR Chats with DROP DEAD DIVA’s Guardian Angel, Ben Feldman, DROP DEAD DIVA Season 3 Premiere Discussion, LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: What You Need to Know About the Season Premiere, GREY’S ANATOMY: What You Need to Know About the Season Premiere, STATION 19: What You Need to Know About the Season Premiere, The SUPERSTORE Team Previews Cloud 9’s New Management, Drama for Key Duos, The CW Developing BLACK LIGHTNING Spinoff PAINKILLER, WANDAVISION: Disney+ Sets January 2021 Debut, About Last Night…CHICAGO MED, CHICAGO FIRE, CHICAGO P.D., and More, CHICAGO FIRE Temporarily Shuts Production Down Due to COVID-19, BUCKET LIST BISTRO Exclusive Clip: Christy Carlson Romano Yodels for Schnitzel, While he’s not on Twitter yet, he hasn’t completely closed the door to that. And Kim (Kate Levering), now we’re doing some stuff with Kim, and that’s going to be fun, and Stacy (April Bowlby) is hilarious when we’re doing those scenes. It’s the idea that you’re playing a guardian angel who’s like a devilish guardian angel, and so you know you don’t get many chances to play a character with those kinds of polar opposites at play, a hedonistic angel. <3. I think it creates a little friction with Parker and Kim at times, because obviously Parker considers himself the boss. It’s all about acceptance in the end and about being who you are and that you can kind of have all these different things in your life and to have confidence and pride with who you are. It’s fun also to be finding these different relationships with the other characters in the office as he tries to navigate all these characters, which I think he probably underestimated the will and the strength of all these other characters he’s going to have to deal with, so that’s been fun as well. He will just be a constant reminder of “Fred” . I heard they were making movie, hope they consider him, MASH 30th Anniversary Reunion Special Full Episode May 2002 - Duration: 1:28:46. I think Luke is just a man who’s trying to milk life for everything that it’s worth. Drop Dead Diva is one of my favorite shows i was a little sad when they took Which other actor or character would you like to see in a scene with Luke? He’s not human and has no concept of human emotions, and therefore has no right whatsoever to dictate how any human can feel, Fred may have let himself bend some rules with Jane/Deb and Stacey but that allowed him at least some ‘human’ perspective. he’s got my vote. The actors, characters and plot lines have kept me hooked and wonderously, surprised.

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