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The original Grundy, for example, had prominent front teeth). [54], During the Emperor Joker storyline where the Joker warped reality, Solomon Grundy was the warden of Arkham Asylum. Gotham: Drew Powell Excited To Be Solomon Grundy, Laments Losing Butch. Grundy recites the Solomon Grundy nursery rhyme while being pursued before Batman finished it for him when he defeats Grundy. Grundy was introduced as an enemy of comic book hero Alan Scott (the original Green Lantern), but has since become a prominent enemy for a number of superheroes such as Superman, Batman, the Green Lantern, and The Flash. Grundy is once more an unintelligent monster, repeating the opening line of the nursery rhyme. The creature chose a new name calling itself Skulk. 'Gotham' Star Drew Powell Recalls How He Found out He Was Playing Solomon Grundy The Batman to Film Into 2021 LEGO's Huge Batman 1989 Batwing 76161 Set Goes on Sale Tonight Grundy grabs Green Lantern by the throat and begins to squeeze the life out of him, holding his head underwater. While in Earth's orbit, Solomon Grundy, Azathoth, and Sam Zhao sacrifice their lives so that Alan Scott can receive their combined Parliament abilities to stop Apokolips from destroying Earth 2.[58]. The All-Star Squadron comes to their rescue, Sir Justin faces off against Solomon Grundy and Grundy is the last villain to be transported back, he is thrust back to the moon where he remains for over two decades, as this timeline is erased once Degaton is defeated. As Grundy that’s 100% all me. Butch was a character you just loved to hate, yet at the same time, he was just so bearishly endearing. Solomon Grundy is seen fighting against the Blood Pack in the Battle of Metropolis, until he is vaporized by Superboy-Prime's heat vision, which apparently kills the Blood Pack and destroys Grundy's current incarnation. Labs which causes the Grundys to become inert, in effect killing the seemingly unkillable man-thing. A combined attack brings down Grundy, and Green Lantern deposits Grundy on a distant, lifeless planet. His super strength and invulnerability made him a formidable hero, until Ultraman renders him inert on a Saturday.[47]. Thanks again to Mr. Powell for taking the time to chat. Cyrus Gold debuted in the second season of Arrow portrayed by Graham Shiels. Alan Scott and the Phantom Stranger were given as his guides throughout the week, while Etrigan was trying to take him to Hell. First appearing in Earth 2 #3, Grundy personifies "The Grey" life-destroying forces and opposes "The Green" forces that choose Alan Scott as their champion. At the end of the series' run we see Grundy reanimated as a Black Lantern, and Cyrus Gold in hell. He is virtually indestructible and immortal thanks to the elemental energy that imbues his form with pseudo-life. The on-location shooting using New York as a living, breathing backdrop. He apparently kills Green Lantern, who gives off a green flash. [11], At this point, Grundy is freed and enlisted along with several other supervillains by the time-traveling criminal Per Degaton in his second appearance, who has traveled to 1941 to capture the Justice Society of America on the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, hoping to change history and take over the world. You can never say never. Solomon Grundy is imprisoned orbiting the Earth in a stronger bubble created by the combined powers of Green Lantern and Doctor Fate. Gold murders two escaped criminals who are hiding out in the marsh and steals their clothes. [16], While imprisoned, Grundy incorrectly deduces that the second Green Lantern's Earth must contain a second Solomon Grundy, and crosses over from his Slaughter Swamp prison on Earth-2 to Earth-1 where he overpowers that Earth's Superman before being tricked and stranded on the moon. In this new timeline, Solomon Grundy is once again a villain for Alan Scott. Drew Powell schloss 1998 ein Studium der Englischen Literatur an der DePauw University ab. [30], While no specifics are given during the "Infinite Crisis" storyline, Solomon Grundy is also coerced into joining the Secret Society of Super Villains. The Red Tornado kills Grundy with F5 tornado winds, ripping him apart. Harlequin of the Dummy's Injustice Unlimited, uses her illusion powers to disguise herself as Jade. [12][13], After many years, Grundy is knocked loose from his planet prison and returns to Earth to battle Green Lantern, Hourman, and Doctor Fate. Welcome back to London. [55], In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. He then went on take over the roll of Hoss Cartwright on the Bonanza prequel series The Ponderosa. Alan Scott serves as his reluctant guide, as the story continues in the Solomon Grundy miniseries. Shortly thereafter, Grundy reappears in Gotham in the pages of Batman: Shadow of the Bat, battling Batman once again and killing the female descendant of one of the killers of Cyrus Gold. When Banner gets angry, he becomes Grundy. [33], In Brad Meltzer's Justice League of America, Grundy is reborn with intelligence after being killed in the Battle of Metropolis. Warning – This interview contains spoilers for season 4 of Gotham. [46] While he has occasionally been destroyed, he has always returned to life sooner or later, though often with different personalities and powers. [44], In a flashback, Solomon Grundy is among the villains that protected Ingrid Karlsson during a riot at Arkham Asylum. Grundy possesses a healing factor. I just wonder if Butch was already planned on becoming Solomon Grundy from the get-go. In Cullen Bunn's Sorcerer Kings storyline in Superman/Batman, The Creeper leads an army of Grundymen in a battle with Batman, Superman, and vampire Nina Skorzeny. Cyrus Gold/Solomon Grundy, Arrow, 2013, season 2/episode 9: "Three Ghosts", Fictional character, a zombie supervillain in the DC Comics Universe, Articles and topics related to Solomon Grundy, It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One, https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/characters/DC-Universe/Solomon-Grundy/, "New Lego game lets you team up with Joker, Harley Quinn and other DC bad guys", Solomon Grundy at the DC Database Project, Last Days of the Justice Society of America, List of areas, landmarks, institutions and businesses of Metropolis, Green Lantern/Superman: Legend of the Green Flame, Green Lantern Coaster (Warner Bros. Movie World), Green Lantern: First Flight (Magic Mountain), SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Solomon_Grundy_(comics)&oldid=988319141, DC Comics characters with accelerated healing, DC Comics characters with superhuman strength, Fictional characters from parallel universes, Fictional characters with plant abilities, Fictional characters who can duplicate themselves, Supervillains with their own comic book titles, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, ← The first Gambler was debuted by Henry Kuttner and Martin Nodell. Johnny turns on the radio, which blares the warning that Solomon Grundy is on the loose; the members believe, based on a large, muddy footprint on the floor, that Grundy got to HQ and took Green Lantern. Swamp Thing attempts to cry out for Superman to stop, as he believes Grundy to meet the definition of life, but Swamp Thing is unable to express this, due to physical difficulty in speaking. [29], Grundy is manipulated by Gorilla Grodd via mind control into attacking Batman and Superman for President Luthor for the bounty of one billion dollars in Superman/Batman. He was testing his gamma bomb out in the desert, but a tall figure walked out into the testing area. Grundy reappears in Year Five where he is revealed to be cargo the Regime soldiers are investigating. During this event he had absorbed some of Dr Fate's magic, is stronger than before, and is even able to telekinetically lift the Flash into the air. In the interview, which you can watch above, the Gotham star told us how he found out he was becoming Grundy. Grundy and a newly disfigured Harvey Dent strike up an odd friendship after Dent escapes the slaughterhouse to plot his revenge on Carmine Falcone. He is shown being defeated by Thor. DC World Interview: Drew Powell – Butch/Solomon Grundy From ‘Gotham’ by Steve J Ray | Jul 30, 2018 | Breaking, Conventions, Gotham, News. - October 19, 2017 08:45 pm EDT. The radio continues its report, listing cities where Grundy was seen, so each member picks a city and heads for it to try to find Green Lantern while Wonder Woman stays behind. He’s fallen in love with Tabby (Tabitha Galavan, played by the incredible Jessica Lucas), he’s had his hand chopped off. Since then he’s appeared on countless episodes of some of the best loved shows on TV, including House, ER, and Cold Case. In the late 19th century, a wealthy merchant named Cyrus Gold is murdered and his body is disposed of in Slaughter Swamp, near Gotham City. ", is found in Green Arrow (vol. Solomon Grundy also appeared in CGI form in the first season of the television series Stargirl for DC Universe and The CW network. Some versions are more mindless than others; some are actually moderately intelligent, recalling the literate, well-spoken monster of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.[27]. I don’t know if season five would even be happening without the fans. "I got a call from John Stephens, who's running the show now, and he said, "Okay, I got three things,'" Powell recalled. [42], During "The War of Jokes and Riddles" arc, Solomon Grundy is among the villains on Joker's side in his war against Riddler. I hope I’ll pop out again from a swamp. He is nearly invulnerable to physical, magical, and energy attacks and he is not affected by fire or low temperatures.

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