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By combining Neve's custom electronics with an sE 2.5-micron ribbon, the partnership of these two companies has produced the RNR1: the first ribbon mic with 20 Hz'"25 kHz frequency range. sE sent me a pair of these mics to test. I have used this mic on acoustic guitar, vocals and electric guitar, and as a drum room mic, and it has never failed to impress, even if it hasn't always been the most suitable choice. Small and light makes them (VR1 especially) easy to … Well, you can. Sometimes we wish we could get a little tighter sounding on that guitar with the ribbon mic, and now we have found a way to do it. Microphones / Miking; By Paul White. Pros Excellent ribbon/condenser hybrid frequency response. The sE Electronics Voodoo VR1 is a surprisingly affordable passive ribbon microphone but, even if you can spend more, don’t overlook this little gem because it has a lot going for it. I've never worked with one before and so I thought for this price (and SE's warranty that is valid for 20 years) you can't go wrong. Microphones sE Electronics: X1R ribbon mic, Isolation Pack ... and more output level, than the average ribbon. How about a frequency response that’s nearly flat from 20 Hz to 20 kHz for starters, with a slight boost in the 4 kHz region which helps with intelligibility. The SE ribbon, I'm afraid I found quite uninteresting — it isn't bad, but then there isn't anything inspiring about it either. Photo: Mike Cameron. Reviews; SE Electronics RNR1. If you put together a classical musician turned mic manufacturer, and analogue audio legend Mr Rupert Neve, you'd expect the outcome to be something rather special — and it is. SE Electronics VR1 & VR2 Voodoo Ribbon Mics review Innovation is the name of the game for sE's new ribbon mics By Robbie Stamp 26 November 2010. SE Electronics recently lowered the price of their new X1R microphone and I thought it was a good occasion to get a ribbon microphone. On violin, I placed the X1R next to two great vintage mics: an AKG C 414 EB, and a Bang & Olufsen BM 5 ribbon. Like what? Active Ribbon Microphone . Shares. As an all-rounder, I was continually impressed by the sound of the AEA R84. Our Verdict . A unique and impressive update to the ribbon mic that out-performs many in the £1k range. I was tracking an album at my studio with Doralice, who are a fantastic San Francisco violin and acoustic guitar duo. Published May 2009. Neve partnered with sE to create a ribbon microphone that could reach all the way to 20 kHz and beyond. sE Electronics Dynamite - Active Inline Preamp by: Sound-Guy (Dennis Wilkins) “Although I haven’t been recording in live venues for years, the idea of a phantom powered preamp for dynamic and ribbon mics in my studio has been tempting.

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