diversity and inclusion program ideas

Originally created as a two-day workshop, the Dismantling Racism Works workbook is now available to everyone online and includes a wealth of useful materials and resources. Never punish or shame people, as this can lead to counterproductive responses. Convert all job descriptions to gender-neutral language. The important thing is to get started. Abandon terms with racial connotations. This small change to your policy can also help you prevent burnout and loss of productivity. 50. 55. Inclusive meetings are a great way to promote a cohesive and inclusion based workplace. Whenever someone at npm accidentally genders something gender-neutral, they put a dollar in the jar. Provide Learning & Development workshops for employees to develop and refine adjacent skills like communication and empathy. 20. examples of companies with equal pay policies, How Employers Can Support LGBT Diversity in the Workplace, Top 5 Inspirational Women in Tech Blogs to Follow, 8 Employee Survey Questions To Ask Team Members. 8. Plan a schedule using diversity day ideas on this list. Change is difficult, and many companies often don’t see the value of spending the time and capital for it. An inclusive workforce is an emotionally intelligent one. Policies to support parents and caregivers can play a huge part in making a workplace more inclusive, not to mention more attractive to candidates. Diversity attracts diversity, as so much of the talent pool is seeking a safe, inclusive place where they can do their best work. To help remove barriers and provide networking opportunities for underrepresented professionals in your industry, consider funding tickets to relevant conferences. Even if you don’t have the resources to help in any other way, sponsorship shows employees that your company puts its money where its mouth is and is committed to supporting positive change. This work can be challenging, but it’s crucial to creating a more equitable and supportive workplace for everyone. 29. Approve budget for ergonomic workspaces. Schedule team bonding activities during the day. However, the majority of the ideas listed below can still be implemented or slightly revised to work remotely. People have all sorts of personal situations that may affect their ability to work a strict 9 to 5 (like picking up or dropping off children at school). Instead of being based on a checklist of skills that may weed underrepresented candidates out, job descriptions should ideally focus on what your new hire will be expected to achieve, say, a month, six months, and a year into the job. , but becoming more diverse can be a struggle for some companies. Hold office hours. Poorly-handled diversity training cause resentment or back fire. Doing the same things we’ve always done will create the same results. 30. When interviewers want to reject candidates for “culture fit” or a “gut feeling,” unconscious bias is often at play. Start small. A great way to do this is with, If your company is struggling to put together an effective diversity and inclusion strategy, you might need to bring in a. . 12. It also includes people from different generations and age groups. Members can consist of workers or managers from all departments, increasing perspective and representation. However, there is a fine line to this. Implement this change at a higher level, not just departmentally. countless ways you can invest in diversity and inclusion, affect their ability to work a strict 9 to 5, most buildings defaults to what’s most comfortable for men, Try the Round Robin technique in meetings, Policies to support parents and caregivers, reminds employees to “Work hard and go home”, shift $100 million into banks that serve the black community. Don’t let the immense scope of things that need to be done keep you from doing anything at all. Lack of flexibility makes the lives of some employees unnecessarily difficult, and they may respond by leaving for a company that can provide it. By giving them the option to take time when they need it, you’re inherently telling them that you trust their judgment. Create a channel for D&I in your company’s communication tool. 21. ), AZCentral Top Companies To Work For in Arizona, The Essential How-To Guide for Moving to Phoenix. Unless you’re in fashion, GQ probably doesn’t belong in your lobby. It’s time for a new approach.

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