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Language arts instruction typically consists of a combination of reading, writing (composition), speaking, and listening. All teachers should be sure they cover all of the essential components in a … Those from a traditional school background may be accustomed to using the word “English” instead of the phrase “Language Arts”. Language Arts Is Necessary to Meet Academic Standards End-of-year expectations include progression and proficiency in a number of areas related to and including language arts. Jakobson's model of the functions of language distinguishes six elements, or factors of communication, that are necessary for communication to occur: (1) context, (2) addresser (sender), (3) addressee (receiver), (4) contact, (5) common code and (6) message. Beginning with phonics instruction in the elementary grades, and proceeding to complex technical concepts in later grades, the mastery of language arts is necessary to meet academic standards. Language arts is the term typically used by educators to describe the curriculum area that includes four modes of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. As defined by the International Reading Association (IRS) and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), these subjects include reading , writing , listening , speaking , viewing, and "visually representing." In upper grades, Language Arts usually includes oral communication, as well. The language arts are subjects taught in elementary and secondary schools that aim at developing students' communication skills. The following examples are samples of what this block of time may look like. Language arts (also known as English language arts or ELA) is the study and improvement of the arts of language. The six language arts, as designated by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and the International Reading Association (IRA) (Standards for the English Language Arts, 1996), are listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and visually representing. Traditionally, the primary divisions in language arts are literature and language, where language in this case refers to both linguistics, and specific languages. Some districts or schools have a standard language arts block that they follow or use the suggested order of the reading curriculum.

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