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The iSK Little Gem is a small diaphragm pencil condenser microphone with 3 interchangeable capsules, and a sound that is simply clean and gorgeous. LyxPro and Neewer also sell the iSK CM-10 (the Little Gem before Kris gave it the import name), as the SDPC-2 and NW-410 respectively. I'm not sure whether or not they're filled with the high quality film capacitors of the iSK branded mics, but on paper their specs are identical to the Little Gem. The iSK Little Gem has a wide dynamic range, enabling it to be used on both quiet sources such as muted violin, or very loud sources such as drum overheads, or anything in between. I used these microphones on a variety of drum recording tasks, overheads, snare (top and bottom), hi hat as well as recording my Martin D35 guitar. It's flat frequency response enables it to accurately pick up all the tone and nuances of an upright bass, as well as the high frequency detail of drum overheads. The song is Full Contact by Aidan Mayes. This is a live off the floor recording using iSK Little Gem microphones and the Superdirectional capsules.

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