chinese festivals 2020

Jie Zitui shunned rewards and fled to a mountain with his mother, he was pursued by the angry prince and was only put off burning down Jie's house by a pleading poem written in blood. The Chinese 节气 jié qì solar calendar has been used for farming as the date of sowing, reaping needs to keep step with the sun rather than the moon. It is not a public holiday. It is now tied to a specific day, the 28th September each year. Only popular in cities. It falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice, so it is falls towards the end of January or early February. So if you can't wait until Valentine's day there is now another day to pledge your love and get engaged. Pyramid-shaped rice cakes 粽子 zòng zi and garlic 蒜 suàn are associated with this festival, some are fed to the fish on the basis that they would then leave Qu Yuan's body alone. It was also said to be the day when the Queen Mother of West visited the Emperor. Publication of festival information does not imply endorsement by or affiliation with Everfest. If a mountain or hill is not to hand a tall building or pagoda would be climbed. The Mars probe Tainwen-1 天文 Tiān wén was successfully launched back in July. The festivals are shown in order of occurrence over a full 12 months and is updated each day. To mark this day Chinese sky lanterns ➚, traditionally said to have been invented by Zhuge Liang, are lit and allowed to drift into the sky. Chinese Moon Festival is on the 15th moon day of the 8th Chinese lunar month based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. YouTube video of Dragon Boat race in China, Book : China : Eyewitness Travel: Dorling…, Book : Lion and dragon in northern China:…, Book : Little-known Chinese Festivals:Shanghai…, Book : Myths and Legends of China: Werner:…, Book : Nagel's Encyclopedia guide: China:…, Book : The Long March: The Untold Story:…, Holidays and observances in China in 2015. Festivals reflect the mixed religious traditions in China. Traditions and Customs of Chinese New Year. The Gaofen-13 satellite launched on the 12th October will monitor the skies in visible as well as infra-red wavelengths at a high resolution (高分 Gāo fēn means high resolution or high score). The day to cut hair. It is not entirely clear why this date was chosen, but it is usually near the start of the new school year after the summer holidays. In Russia it was moved to Sunday 8th March for 1914 and has kept to this day ever since. A number of the festivals follow the old Chinese calendar rather than the western (Gregorian) calendar. Ceremonies used to wish for just the right quantity of rain, not too little and not too much. It is now a popular day to declare love and propose marriage. The seventh month of the traditional Chinese calendar is associated with ghosts. As rain is associated with dragons they feature prominently in such tales including the Jinlong Si Dawang (Golden Dragon King). Feel free to share your interest on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or Mix using the buttons. The fifth month is generally regarded as the most unlucky month and charms were used to keep the bad influence at bay, for example with pictures of Zhong Kui or putting iris flowers over the door. It celebrates Chang'e, the goddess of the moon, and particularly the romance with the archer god Houyi. The festival started among men at Nanjing University in the 1990s and has caught on very rapidly in cities throughout China and amongst single women too. In some areas boys used to wear willow wreathes on their heads to summon rain for the growing season. Candles are lit and incense burned as well as paper images of various goods including money. There are many gods of rain and legends about them. It is now a popular day to declare love and propose marriage, a second Chinese Valentine's Day. It is not a national holiday. Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party, to celebrate for the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, Army Day of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Family members offer prayers to their deceased relatives, Family gathering to eat moon cakes and appreciate the bright full moon, Celebrating for the founding of the People's Republic of China, to praise the achievements of journalists. The festival lasts a whole week of public holiday (Feb 15th to Feb 21st in 2018) and during this time everyone tries to be on their best behavior to set the tone for the whole year. Dates : Wed May 27 2020  Mon Jun 14 2021  Fri Jun 3 2022. It is a one day holiday reflecting the socialist/communist history of the PRC. It is held on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month and nowadays it is marked by exchanging gifts between sweethearts. In 2014 a new memorial day was inaugurated to commemorate the many who died when the Japanese invaded Nanjing on this day in 1937. Fish and Jiaozi (dumplings) are often eaten, the character for fish yu 鱼 sounds the same as the character yu 余 meaning 'surplus; abundance' so a dish of fish has a lucky connotation. His birthday is marked on the 23rd of 7th lunar month in the traditional calendar. In Chinese numerology 9 is a strong yang number and is generally inauspicious; so this day had to be treated with respect. To our committed community of supporters, partners, businesses, foundations and event attendees. Children, often in scary masks, used to put on little stage shows and pantomimes. It is not a holiday and was instituted as late as 1981. As Santa is dressed in lucky red this greatly adds to his appeal. Cold Food day commemorates the story of Jie Zitui ➚ a loyal and humble servant at the time of the Spring and Autumn Period. The choice of date is based on the fact that 11.11 has four single 'ones' in it, representing two 11 couples. You can find a profusion of Chinese culture from the heart of Beijing, to the streets of New York and San Francisco. In the countryside it was believed that disease could be moved away by making a procession out of the village, with many firecrackers scaring away and taking the illness with it. Solano Country Fairground in Vallejo, CA (Next to six flags). In some regions it is also associated with lanterns and guiding spirits as it falls within the Ghost month. When the extended family leaves the graveyard fire-crackers are often set off. Dates : Mon Feb 24 2020  Sun Mar 14 2021  Fri Mar 4 2022. Because of this, there is probably a Chinese festival nearby. It also marks the foundation of the influential May 4th movement.

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