chicken tail feathers

Is it safe to separate, or will they not survive without each other? Any help would be appreciated. Without seeing your flock it is always difficult to know, but my hens do not like to be handled when their new pin feathers are coming back in. Typically we recommend at least 8 hens for one rooster. Frizzles are not a breed, but a genetic mutation that can occur in various breeds. See how he is in a few days. }. I wonder if your little RIR is broody? This post is linked up to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop. I don't know the first thing about ducks. I would contact Louise's Country Closet and purchase her a hen apron there to keep the area protected. It is self- inflicted. We called her Cruella.She still layed eggs and never showed any sign of sickness and/or mites. Just this week all of her feathers have grown back and she looks beautiful. Pecked because she was broody, in their favorite nesting box, and would not leave. The No-Waste Vegetable Cookbook is my latest book. When feathers have lost their shine and appear dull it is often a symptom of a health issue. Thanks for providing so much info. A chicken starts dropping feathers in late summer to early fall, but some won’t even start molting until early winter. Also providing pen with 6500K lumens of floresent light, some finely chopped califlower, broccoli, orange & apple. Some chickens going through hard molts may look like they’re ready for the oven (and it’s kind of alarming if you’re experiencing your first molt as a chicken-keeper), but within a couple months, those bare patches of skin and spiky-looking pin feathers will give way to soft, full, beautiful plumage. Use common sense when spoiling your girls with dried mealworms; the ultra-high protein content (around 50 percent) means it’s easy to overfeed when you see them all excited and eager. Good luck. Hens sometimes behave differently when we are around. The very first picture at the top of your blog is EXACTLY what the look like. What would you suggest. Glad you enjoyed the post. Just like ingrown hair in people, chickens can have issues with feathers that don’t erupt through the skin. There are also supplements that can be temporarily added to your chickens’ food such as Poultry Conditioner and Calf Manna that help too. Vetericyn is wonderful for applying to open wounds. -Mary. Random bald spots-feather pecking by self or others, mites, lice, bullies Breeds that appear more rounded are called soft-feathered (e.g. :)I am also in 5 grade with my teachers is Mrs. Markley. I have a one year old Silkie who just started to molt. By the light of the moon, she took great pleasure at plucking feathers from Tilly as she slept. I have treated with DE in the yard, nest boxes and the hen house. I can't find anywhere on the packaging that it is organic. We got 16 more hens and a rooster as day olds in the spring ( they are now 20 weeks old) when we introduced them together they seemed to get along fine ( she bullied them a little but just to let them know who ran the show, not hurt them) eventually the rooster reached maturity and singled her out and over mated and one day she came back blood on her neck and a peice of flesh ripped off from the back of her neck. I am not sure, as I have not heard this. Sometimes as they grow they can look a bit scrawny during their “teenage” weeks. Poor Tilly, she became so miserable that we had to eventually re-home Dottie Speckles. It is most commonly seen in hens. Distraction is the key sometimes. HI Lisa– sorry your hen is having some issues. They seem to just sleep and be fine. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Signs of an eggbound hen are a droopy tail, she is fluffed up, acting lethargic, sitting/laying on the ground most of the time, fatigue, closed eyes, lack of energy, or dragging wings. It might seem strange for a chicken to lose her feathers just as the season’s cooling down, but molting is a yearly process of replacing her features for better insulation and weatherproofing in winter. My vet believes that the feather quills are broken off and in her skin and wants to remove them. Photos speak volumes. They suck the chicken’s blood and in the morning, return to their hiding place. She doesn't appear to have any parasites or problems with the other hens, her feathers just grew in ugly. Great question. Some ladies lose only a few feathers at a time while others look like they suddenly dropped their coats overnight. My hen has lost all the feathers on the back of her neck, after reading your page I am wondering if this could be due to an over active Roo that has taken her as his favourite? What is it? Lucy is a beautiful chicken, and a docile personality. Yes, I do believe you are right, she is being over mated. I will be stopping by your place for a visit. Try supervised free-ranging, a cabbage pinata, treat ball, chicken ball, or a flock block. Best of luck! Upon reading the above posts, I am more confused than ever. Meaning she is picking it herself? I sure hope it does! She could also be getting picked on by the others. I’ve sprayed her with some spray my wife got for chickens, tried 7 dust too. Suddenly, one day you happen to notice that one or more of your chickens are missing some feathers. I would definitely seek out the help of a local vet to get this issue addressed. In many breeds, the top three or four tail feathers are narrower and may arch above the rest of the tail. Is she lighter in coloring? Their diversity comes from the evolution of small modifications enabling them to serve different functions. Any tips if it is mites or lice, what action should I take? It might even adjust this henny girl's attitude. I would check for all parasites, consider protein deficiencies or boredom in the winter. They put this patch directly on the eggs to help maintain the proper humidity Smart girls! Hi Heather, Oh boy! I've only had these guys (there are three of them) since August, so it is my first Winter with them and now it is dark so early I don't feel like I see enough of them to make sure they are happy all the time! I would then systematically take a peek at all of the other reasons I mention above. can you give me advice please!! Our Dottie Speckles was one such bully. Hello, Also be sure she is getting proper nutrition and they have enough space too. Yes, I did mention that in the part about the aprons, but I will add that now to the upper part of the post. is she broody or just cold because of the missing feathers? Sometimes even at night when they roost. Brahma, Marans). Well, thanks for the photos–Charlotte wasn't red and bumply to begin with but she sure is now. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. i don't really want to start with aprons…they seem to have their own problems.i have a very aggressive young rooster when it comes to mating.he has plenty of hens but of course a few favorites.on these few feathers are missing from their back and sometimes wings.would it be better for all to get a new roo or wait him out or what?the girls look so awful? Quills in the Skin– Feathers begin to emerge from the skin as pin feathers. Everything You Need To Know About Small Flock Chickens & More. Keep me posted. An understanding of sexual dimorphism (differences betweens males and females) particularly around feather colour and type can assist you in sexing your birds. She stopped laying and has that red rash all over her bottom and chest, and has lost her wing tip feathers. Hi, Thank you for this very informative blog. Feathers are almost purely protein. Legumes like split peas and lentils are also excellent sources of protein, and can be served cooked for a hot treat on a cold day. Hen saddle/apron- Aprons that can be applied to the back of a chicken are an easy way to keep chickens within their flock while covering their bare backs and allowing the feathers to return. Awesome info ! Most of our chickens have lost most of their feathers. I am so sorry to hear of these things. one of my chickens lost a bunch of feathers on her chest and ive been noticing that she isnt leaving her nest. The feathers should return soon. Hi nikki! No eggs for the last week. Any ideas please? I think time is going to be your answer. thanks. In these bald area s is very red blisters looks like was bleeding. We both may have black birds, but that in no way means they are the same breed. Butt- can appear beefy red-molting, vent gleet, mites, lice, feather pecking by self or others Here is a post that might help: I would like to know if you have any advise. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. They will "hold" their hens by their neck feathers during mating. The blue silkie is just fine, very healthy.They have been inside & together since they were chicks & this is the first time I have seen anything wrong with them since they arived 6 months or so ago. Thanks for the lovely comment. She also stopped laying eggs for a bit which helped her recovery. They seem to spend a lot of time inside the coop and don't want to come out unless I open the gate for them to free range around the yard. Have been concerned that my silkies were not getting enough light, gut feeling, as we stay indoors due to the high temps & humidity. Thank you so much for your blog! You could also take a peek at Nutri Drench for poultry. Apparently the vent itself isn't the problem. Garden Betty independently selects products to feature on this site. We regularly dusted her even though she had her dust baths daily on her own in the garden. Keep that in mind, when you set off on your detective work and most of all do not get discouraged. Feather Growth Stages (Credit: Bird Academy), Bif Naked, Naked Neck x Black Copper Marans Hen, Appenzeller Spitzhauben x Easter Egger Pullet, Pixie, Mille Fleur D’Uccle x Easter Egger, : large primary and secondary feather of the wings, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Follow Bitchin' Chickens on, Having Chickens Is A Great Way To Meet Your Neighbours.

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