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Click here to read! Looking for sermon series ideas that boost church engagement? Marketing is getting better and better, and people are more and more inclined to spend money on themselves. Use these 7 principles of church growth to help your church thrive in our evolving age. I really want to be able to get this 101 bible study ideas. We've found 8 great traits from FATHERS in the Bible and Bible verses to go with each. Want to improve your church communications? Prayer 10. Caring Time: From our study today, it is easy to see that God desires for us to come together not only for worship, but also to care for one another. Learn how to use Facebook groups to boost church engagement. The Sovereignty of God in the Lives of Men. Get a fruit tray. Clark Campbell discusses the best video livestream solutions for churches. A Bible study about Jesus' teaching in Matthew 7:15-23. It is a priviledge we have and it’s by God’s design. Click here to read! Questions and Answers on Welcoming the Lord and Entering the Kingdom of Heaven. It means that you should pick a theme in Romans—for example, “Forgiveness”—and make the Bible study idea about that. We'll highlight verses about greed to enrich your understanding of wealth, generosity & discipleship. The Lord said it to us long ago: “I go to prepare a place for you. If you dont mind and able to do it can you please email it to my inbox. -Sam Paul Maxwell, Ph.D., is the Content Strategist at Find him at We'll explain why you should make a free website for your church & how it will benefit your community. You can opt out if you wish. Here are five tips you and your spouse can use to manage your money well. Looking into free church websites? We'll explain why Christian memes are taking over the internet & explain where to find the best ones. What Did Jesus Do During His Three Days in the Grave? Love you! Read here! Slack is great tool for remote work—if used well. Teach a balanced perspective that helps people to gain confidence in using technology that rescues people from old-school Luddism and new-school tech-obsession. Matthew 18:21-35. Use’s ChMS at your church to rapidly increase member engagement, Bible study attendance, and the efficiency of your church. The top 100 charities raised $51.5 billion dollars in 2019. pdf: Download File. Learn how to improve your church’s worship experience to boost growth and engagement. A Bible study on Jesus' teaching in John 12:24-26, where He reveals the necessary path to fruitfulness in the lives of His people. Does the ultimate decision about one's salvation rest with each individual, or with God alone? Parts 1, 2, and 3. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. What do they get from giving? We welcome all truth seekers to contact us. God’s Plan of Salvation 15. Read here! There is one factor that will either help your bible study attendance grow or cause it to die: Are you stuck using a “Gmail thread”? Pro tip: Update yourself (with this article) with the latest tech trends that are changing how churches work. Topical Bible Studies ~ Free Download 'Be diligent to present yourself approved of God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.' ], There is one number on this blog that means more to me than any other. Thank you Mary! Looking for Bible study topics? That’s called “small group.”. Learn how to preach a compelling giving campaign from Luke. You’re not alone. We'll highlight 14 practices to follow to professionalize your business meetings. Then, I’m going to give you a go-to list of Bible study ideas that will attract members and build community. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The study considers the sovereignty of God in the salvation of men. Is it correct to receive in this way? Read here! We've listed encouraging verses & inspirational religious quotes to fuel your faith in Christ. Bible commentary on the book of Jonah. Build buzz around your weekly cheese plate. A Bible study about the trial of Job. Looking into church texting services? The Church 9. You will know them by their fruits.". How to Witness Effectively Here we break down the steps you need you to take. Simple. Read here! Latest Videos Email address Read here! The BiBle STudy “Make every point as plain as mileposts” (Ev 439) “Provide yourself with an outline” (2 Tim 1:13 Weymouth) Here is a simple one we will use in these 32 lessons: I. inTroducTion: This will usually be a review of the previous lesson II. Christianity Today; CT News & Reporting; CT Pastors; CT History; CT Books ; Christian Bible Studies; Building Church Leaders; Church Law & Tax ; Preaching Today; Small Groups; Women Leaders; Newsletters; Latest Resources on COVID-19; Give Now; Explore. Boomer and “Greatest Generation” Christians have high biblical literacy, but low technological literacy. Read here! Money and marriage is challenging. The Answer Is Here! What does it mean to drink from Jesus' cup or be baptized with His baptism? Learn the 4 reasons why your church should be an early adopter of the text-to-give fundraising method. Here are 8 best practices you can use to create an encouraging and productive work environment. Here’s a great way to cut your Bible study attendance in half: Call your Bible study “The book of Romans.”. Click to read! How Can Christians Stop Sinning? Most people who attend Bible studies are highly motivated to self-improve. Don’t make eye contact. If the Bible is worth studying, then the studying is worth catering. There is one number on this blog that means more to me than any other. Read here! Your church can create a healthy culture of addressing financial issues that is based on the Bible and aimed toward helping people create financial freedom and become generous. We'll explain 15 safety & security practices you need to follow to protect your church. "Watch out for false prophets. Does no one read your church newsletter? “Show up. Read here! The Holy Spirit 5. Read this post to learn how to study the Bible by topic. But here are 3 often-overlooked tips you must-know from a pastor on the frontlines. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), 25 Bible Verses for When You Feel Like You Can't Do Anything Right, Three Things To Pray for When You're Struggling To Complete A Task, Give the Gift of a Christian Magazine Subscription This Christmas. Many Bible study organizers make Bible study as unattractive as possible. Use this process to enrich your study of God’s word. The New Birth 14. Bible commentary on God's miraculous provision for Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath, as recorded in 1 Kings 17. Take the confusion out of tithing and overcome common barriers members have to partnering in God’s mission of disciple-making through the church. Looking for pastor appreciation month ideas? "A Book of Bible Study" is a free e-book that provides answers to many of the most common questions believers have as they seek to understand the Bible. People do look at push notifications and they don’t find them annoying. Matthew 25:31-46. Learn more here! Teach a Bible study on how having a “stewardship” philosophy of money can free people of self-obsession and build a healthier relationship with money and material possessions. We'll explain how pastor salaries can change depending on location, if they are ordained & more. Looking for encouraging Bible verses?

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