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Cook thoroughly to at least 160°F. Visit CalorieKing to see calorie count and nutrient data for all portion sizes. DIRECTIONS. You'd need to walk 92 minutes to burn 330 calories. We tried a frozen pepperoni Freschetta pizza from the grocery store. OVEN. Preparation instructions (1) Preheat: Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. (2) Prepare: Remove overwrap and cardboard and place pizza on pan. Keep frozen until ready to bake. Remove pizza from wrapper before baking. There are 330 calories in 1 serving, 1/6 pizza (4.6 oz) of Freschetta Naturally Rising Crust, Pepperoni Pizza, frozen. HEAT oven to 450°F. For food safety and quality follow cooking directions. DO NOT MICROWAVE. The instructions say to cook the pizza at 400 degrees for 21-24 minutes.. We cooked it in the oven for 24 minutes, and when we took it out, the pizza didn't look cooked all the way through so we tried cooking it for another 5 minutes, then tried cooking it for another 10 minutes. Refrigerate leftovers. Presto Pizzazz Frozen Pizza Cook Times If you own a Pizzazz, you know that you can take the instructions included with a frozen pizza and throw them out the window. (3) Bake: Bake on a pan on center rack for 26-30 minutes or until cheese is melted at the center & crust is golden brown. The guidelines printed on the Pizzazz itself are a good starting point, but only through experience can one find the right times for the various brands of frozen pizza.

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