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The Jivaros are the best known of these tribes because of their successful resistance to the Spanish invaders. The Ferranti effect is much more pronounced in underground cables, even in short lengths, And when he arrives he, our Sovereign, will receive you honorably, Or, have Muslims been alienated from the Congress, Despite the fact that we still don't know if I'll survive, Furthermore, most cattle had haemoconcentration and increased haematocrit, The half-term trip to Nethercombe had to be postponed, Artists from outside Wales were also drawn to paint Welsh scenery, at first, The need for a common name came to be felt, The village of Kingsand was evacuated for three days. "How did he find Howie?" Although the capital of Bolivia, Sucre is one of its most isolated towns because of the difficult character of the roads leading to it. Not only the Introduction of Porphyry, which had lasting effects on the Scholastic tradition, but the commentaries of Themistius, and Simplicius. If you’re starting a sentence with because, you need a main clause in the sentence, somewhere. For opposite reasons, neither the Greek nor the Jewish mind lent itself readily to mysticism: the Greek, because of its clear and sunny naturalism; the Jewish, because of its rigid monotheism and its turn towards worldly realism and statutory observance. There are many side effects related to this popular eating habit, most of which are damaging to our health and personal care. In the south they are larger and better nourished, owing to the permanent character of the pasturage, but are less vigorous because of the heat and insect plagues. As early as 1874 a tunnel under the Hudson river from Hoboken to New York had been started but abandoned because of seemingly insuperable difficulties of construction. Perhaps no Ecuadorean volcano is better known than Pichincha, the " boiling mountain," because of its destructive eruptions and its proximity to the city of Quito. The importance of Callao in colonial times, when it was the only open port south of Panama, did not continue under the new political order, because of the unsettled state of public affairs and the loss of its monopoly. I think that American tabloids are horrid, and the British ones are even worse! The student of English constitutional history will observe the success with which Friends have, by the mere force of passive resistance, obtained, from the legislature and the courts, indulgence for all their scruples and a legal recognition of their customs. Such sudden appearances may be demonstrated possibly in zoology and embryology but never can be demonstrated by palaeontology, because of the incompleteness of the geological record. is of peculiar interest, because of the intrusion of economic problems into the spheres of national politics and even of religion. 1. His successors, Patrick Gordon and George Thomas, under the proprietorship of John, Thomas and Richard Penn, continued Keith's popular policy of issuing a plentiful paper currency; but with Thomas the assembly renewed its old struggle, refusing to grant him a salary or supplies because of his efforts to force the colony into supporting the Spanish War. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 今回は基本編では無いので、基本構文の解説は割愛させて頂きますが、おさらいとして基本構文の表を載せておきますので、確認してください。, ※以前の記事をまだ読んだことが無い方は、下記のリンクページ記事をザッと読んで、英語エッセイの基本的な構成・書き方を頭にいれておくと良いかと思います。その基本構文を元に今回も解説を致します。, 英語でエッセイを書く時、どのように書いたら良いのか迷うかと思います。日本語と違う、英語エッセイ独自の書き方…というものがあります。エッセイ…と日本語で言うと、なんだか芸術的な作品を多い浮かべてしまうかもしれませんが、ここでいう英[…], さて今回の本題の「Cause-and-Effect」エッセイについて少しお話します。文字通りの原因と結果を書いていくエッセイです。大きく分けると3タイプの書き方があります。, (どうしてもトピックが暗いネガティブな感じの物が多くなってしまいますが、勿論ポジティブなトピックも大丈夫です。), 複数の原因が何か1つの結果をもたらしているものです。わかりやすい例で言えば、地球温暖化。, このタイプの場合、表の左側にある各原因が各body paragraphになっていきます。, これは先程の逆です。1つの原因が複数の結果を生み出しているというものです。例えば…, このタイプの場合、表の右側にある各結果が各body paragraphになっていきます。, これはチェーンというだけに原因と結果が連鎖していくものです。1つの原因が結果を生み、その結果が原因となりまた別の結果を生む。そしてその結果が原因となり…と1ステップずつ続いていくようなものです。例えば…, のような感じです。このタイプの場合、各1ステップがbody paragraphになっていきます。上記のように終結してもよいですし、次のようにステップが永久ループするようなものでも良いです。例えば…, Isolation → Lack of education → Unemployment → Poverty → Crime → Prison → depression → alcoholism → Domestic Violence → Isolation…もし書きたい連鎖が、例-②ように長い場合は、以下のように各連鎖をうまく3〜5くらいのステップに纏めることでしょう。, そして纏めて出来た左側のステップを、各body paragraphに出来ます。そうすればbody paragpaphが異常に多くならないでしょう。, 「Weaving It together 4, Connecting Reading and Writing, third edition」より, エッセイのタイプ:Cause-and-Effect Essay(The effect analysts essay), エッセイのトピック:The Negative Sides of Fast Food, ファストフードがもたらす様々な影響についてのエッセイです。The effect analysts essayタイプです。, ”大きいgeneralな内容を書いてから、自分の言いたい小さいspecificな内容に落とし込んでいく…”, という事です。ここ1-1. He felt that he was justified in taking this step because of the Ban which Philip had published on the 15th of March 1581, in which Orange had been proclaimed a traitor and miscreant, and a reward offered to any one who would take his life. 17. Its valley, down to Merseburg, is picturesque, and even romantic, because of the many castles which crown the enclosing heights. It belongs to the desert region of the Pacific coast, and is valuable because of its deposits of nitrate of soda and some undeveloped mineral resources. On the 28th of July 1683 she married Prince George of Denmark, brother of King Christian V., an unpopular union because of the French proclivities of the bridegroom's country, but one of great domestic happiness, the prince and princess being conformable in temper and both preferring retirement and quiet to life in the great world. She gave birth in 730 to Khri srong lde tsan, in the Buddhist annals the most illustrious monarch of his country, because of the strenuous efforts he made in favour of that religion during his reign of fortysix years (743-789). The evil rose to alarming proportions during Grant's presidency, partly because of the immense extension of the civil service, partly because of the growing tendency to alliance between spoilsmen and the persons benefited by protective tariffs, and partly because the public attention was still so much absorbed in Southern affairs that little energy was left for curbing rascality in the North.

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