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LPT: if you’re using Purple Air to monitor air quality due to wild fires, set Conversion -> LRAPA, as a smoke-specific adjustment factor (.48 according to this study, closest to … Sporting a simple design that sits comfortably on a counter or tabletop, the PA-I-Indoor measures real-time PM2.5 concentrations. Air Quality Reader for iOS and MacOS Overview. With the PA-I-Indoor’s full-color LED, the resulting glow indicates air quality at a glance from across the room. An iOS and MacOS application to display PurpleAir air quality sensor data on a map, in a Widget and a full application.. The quality of the air we breathe can be very important, particularly right now with recent wildfires on the west coast of the US. This project shows how to display the Air Quality Index (AQI) of a based on the Purple Air real-time monitoring community’s outdoor sensors sensor right on … Built-in WiFi enables the … I installed a Purple Air PA-II sensor at my office in Hartland, MI in early June, and have been impressed with its performance. Y ou may have noticed PurpleAir and giving different Air Quality Index (AQI) values for your zip code. Purple Air. PurpleAir sensors are an "Internet of things" (IOT) air quality sensor or particulate sensor consisting of a network of elements Laser Particle Counter: PurpleAir uses PMS5003 and PMS1003 laser particle counters. These sensors count suspended particles in sizes of … There is plenty of confusion when it comes to Air Quality Index readings during this time of smoke-filled skies from the historic outbreak of wildfires. There are numbers everywhere. For example, on August 21st, when I checked these sites, the AQI given on for the 94720 zip code of Berkeley was 107. By contrast, PurpleAir gave values that are in the 130s to 150s. Edit on 9/30/2020, since this old post continues to get a lot of attention: I recommend that you check out this article about reconciling the official government numbers and Purple Air's.

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